Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Garden shed retaining wall

We need a garden shed and and area to pot plants - maybe even some room for a compost bin or two? The only way to achieve this on a sloping block is more retaining walls.

This will be our first one with prefab blocks, specifically designed for retaining purposes.

We're still waiting for the blocks to arrive, but I'll show what we're up to:

Watch out! Man with a pick and he's prepared to use it! David gets ready to finish off the pad we already started. Everything's done by hand, approximately 6m x 6m worth!

This was taken earlier today, so we've done more on it since. You get an idea how thick the scrub is and how much attention is needed to make the areas useable. Once we have the retaining walls completed and shed up, we'll pave this area so we don't have to deal with weeds overgrowing again.

Tomorrow I'll take photos of the trench of road-base we're packing down, ready for the blocks!

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