Monday, June 16, 2008

Burrowing bird?

I was having a break from tiling the shed - don't go there, it's not pretty! When I was informed by Dave & Sarah that we had a bird on our window. Yeah, right, I thought...they've put one of her stuffed toys up on the window, because no-one seemed impatient when I went to wash my hands first.

Well, yes, it was a real bird and for some reason, appeared to be glued to the fly screen. I was able to take many snapshots - half expecting it would fly away. It was only when I put my gardening gloves on to check if it was stuck, that it myseriously flew off again.

I've seen these birds burrowing in our dirt mounds - I've even heard chicks calling their parents. If anyone knows the name of this bird, please let me know.

EDITED TO ADD: The name kindly provided by a reader, many moons ago (wish I still had the email so I could credit you personally) has informed me, the burrowing bird is a native Striated Pardalote, or Pardalotus striatus, in Latin.


  1. Hi Chris, I was searching for a burrowing bird on the Eyre Peninsula, SA and found your blog. Did you every find out the name of the bird you saw on your flyscreen - that has a nest in your bushland? If so I would be really interested to know it as we too have a bird that has nested in the ground, and we think it is the same as the one you pictured. Sue

  2. G'day Sue. I haven't forgotten. Someone told me what they were, and I'm madly looking for where I wrote it down.

    I will get back to you as soon as I find it. But I remember it starts with a "P".

    Stay tuned...

  3. I've done a new post just for you Sue. Sorry it took me so long to get the answer.


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