Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our dog Macy

While at Nanny's for her birthday, we caught up with our old dog, Macy. She's part German Shepherd and part Rotty. Note the Shepherd floppy ear but Rotty short, stout nose.

When we initially moved into our new house, we didn't have any fences (still haven't) but Nanny moved to a remote property herself. Luckily she had fences, so offered to take care of our dog until we got our fence up. She doubles as protection for my mum, but today I realised she wouldn't be coming home with us.

While excited to see us and practically knocked us over at first, it was my mum's side she inevitably found herself beside. I couldn't miss it because once upon a time, she use to do that with me when Nanny came to visit us.

But I'm really happy, not sad about it. We still cook her meals and mum freezes it at her house. We've even converted her Pomeranian to the benefits of homecooked meals. Normally a fussy eater, her Pom always licks the plate clean with our food.

Thought I'd introduce you to one of our beloved pets, that now lives with my mum. It comforts me to know that our dog is loved and looked after, but in turn, she also looks after my mum.

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