Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've had time to try out my new chook tractor but one of my chooks now has the sniffles. It's one of those things you only learn from experience. While the tractor is now weatherproof, the ground is still cold from winter temps and overcast days. It's going to happen every year.

So now it's time to get serious about the permanent coop!

I've been racking my brain for how I can go about putting one together. Then it occured to me. Renovate the tractor!

I have some leftover bricks from the house I can use. They can be laid on a cement slab the size of my tractor, then simply afix the tractor on top. Then I can build the run around the new permanent coop.

I must confess to mourning the possibility of my customised nest becoming redundant. But then it occured to me I can always use it as a shelf to store their feed close-by. Everything can be given a second life if you think about it long enough!

All I have to do is wait for the ground to dry a little, and I then can start pegging it out.

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