Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saving seeds

These are seeds I've managed to save this year. From left to right, we have "Butternut Pumpkin" seeds - saved from the seedling punnets I bought last summer. Then in the middle we have "Kent Pumpkin" seeds, given to us from one of our neighbours homegrown pumpkins. And lastly, we have "Rockmelon" seeds, I got from a supermarket melon.

I don't know how they'll grow this summer, but we'll give them a try at least. I'm looking at everything we buy now and asking myself if I can save the seeds!


  1. Wonderful idea Chris & Dave, we do the same thing here and generally have excellent success rates.


  2. I have grown some crazy pumpkins I think cause the plants cross pollinated? But they still tasted great! I also planted some sunflower seeds that were in the chook food about 4 years ago and Ive saved the seeds ever since!

  3. Nice to see other seed collecting enthusiasts. You begin to wonder if you're a little bit kooky, making such a fuss over seeds yourself.

    But..."From little things, big things grow"...(song lyric)

    I want to get to the stage where I can keep collecting the seeds after each harvest too, Kirsty. Four years of sunflowers - how beautiful!


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