Friday, August 15, 2008

Pekin perch

Just a quick project for today! I've been meaning to get around to this very simple task, because the perch I had originally was only a fence paling on top of 2 bricks. Whenever it came to moving the tractor however, I'd have to reach in and remove all three items individually. A real pain in the back!

So here it is - a one piece perch! I told you it was quick. I made it out of some leftover 3x1's I had from making the A-frame tractor. They're attached via 100mm screws, put through both pieces from the top. This is my favourite part though:

Recognise the baby-blue colour of the brackets? Yep, I scavenged these from the cot to stabilise the join better. The chooks seem to love it too! Not too high for a Pekin - about 150mm.

Pity all my projects weren't so easily constructed.

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