Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recycled project still in progress

Albeit, a little slowly, I've made some more progress on my new chicken coop.

Box made with 2x4 hardwood treated timber.

Cot on, and sizing up the posts for the other side.

Fence palings on, and the means by which the cot is anchored to the hardwood box. These palings were given to me by a relative doing a yard clean-up. Because these were already on site, I could place the support bar on the cot at exactly the right height. Saved myself a lot of sawing otherwise.

Now an above view.

And finally, the side view looking into the nesting box. I'm pleased with the progress we've made but there's still more to do before the chooks can move-in permanently. I have to source some metal sheeting for the roof yet, but don't know what I'm dealing with until I get the roof battens on.

Looking more like a chicken coop now, but my husband said it bears a striking resemblance to a double bed at the moment too.

Speaking of Dave, I couldn't have gotten most of this phase completed without his help. Those 2x4 hardwood, timber sleepers were incredibly heavy - and tough to drill into as well. Needless to say, without my beloved offsider, I wouldn't have these progress photos to report.

Thanks my sweet!


  1. Looking good! It does look heavy, will it be a portable house or a permanent one? If you are travelling into Tmba, the dump shop has lots of corrugated iron. Can't wait to see more, where are you keeping the chooks are the moment?

  2. It's going to be a permanent structure. I actually got the heavy lumber so I could do without digging posts into the ground.

    I was thinking about visiting the tip to check for metal sheeting, so I'm glad to hear they have a bit available. Thanks.

    Chooks at the moment are in their tractor, but can't wait to get them in the bigger coop. It will be better for their health, and mine. ;)

  3. We had ours in a tractor when we first had them. By the end of that first summer we had no grass left, and we only had 2 chooks then! I was considering putting the tractor in the park across the road... plenty of grass there.
    A tip with the dump go on Thursday or Friday by the end of the weekend there is nothing left. Plus prices are usually cheaper week days! (they are open thur to sunday 9ish to 4)

  4. I'd heard Thursday was a good day at the recycling centre of the tip. Now I know why! Will have to put it on my list of things to do.


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