Friday, August 8, 2008

Recycled project

My new project! Can you guess what it is?

We're not having another baby if that's what you're thinking. Although it could possibly nurture some babies in the future.

This is what I've done to the inside. Any guesses? Doesn't look much like a crib now does it, but hopefully my feathered friends will bed down in this section to lay some eggs.

I've taken the back off and intend removing the rest off this side too - hence the corner bracing. If you've guessed it's another poultry house, you'd be right! But it won't look anything like a cot once it's finished.

My mum got this cot for $5 at the tip, with my chickens in mind. Now I must admit, when she first brought it around I had no intention of using it. Too much fiddling around I thought. Well it's been sitting on my verandah for months now and I figured, why not?

I spent a whole day looking at it - taking measurements, etc, then I had to design where I'd fit the new wood for the run. It's been a wonderful exercise in recycling however. At first I was worried I wouldn't have enough screws, but as I began removing bits and pieces, I recovered 4 brackets and a heap of wood screws!! A lot of the retrofitting I've done has utilised what was already on the cot.

I've only had to add the plywood braces and another piece of wood you can't see in these photos.

What I love about this cot however, is the side folds down - so I have my egg collecting door already installed above the nesting shelf.

If you're still confused - wait and see - all will be revealed as it develops.

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