Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Valuable lessons

I've got some bad news unfortunately.

Yesterday morning I found our Rooster, "Mr Sheen" dead at the bottom of their tractor. He hadn't been quite right for the past week really. Rather than go through every symptom and detail, I'll just get to the valuable lesson we learned.

If you're going to keep chickens in a tractor, move it to NEW ground every week or two. We had been using the same strip to move our tractor on since May, so the ground only rested about a month in between. These patches were at various stages of decomposition, which is why our rooster developed a very subtle respiratory infection through close contact with mould spores.

This weakened his immune system and as a result, died of something more fatal, coccidiosis.

I returned Mr Sheen back to the earth, right where are future veg patch will be. So every time we eat our vegetables, we'll think about our beloved rooster. It seems silly to be so sentimental, but he'd really grown quite close to our hearts.

Our duty now is to look after his family, and learn from the valuable lessons it's taught us.

R.I.P Mr Sheen.


  1. Oh Chris
    I am so sorry about your rooster. It is hard to loose an animal, especially one you are close too.
    Our family sends you all hugs, Emily

  2. Thanks Emily and family. I keep telling myself that death is part of life, and we can learn from our mistakes. His 5 remaining girls are doing so well though.


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