Thursday, September 18, 2008

Patchwork coop!

Things are moving along with our chicken coop. Dave and I have been working flat-strap the past two days and I spent most of today adding the snake mesh (not shown in these photos).

I'm so very close to finishing, but there needs to be one final push. Hopefully the weather will hold out until I get the roof on. I did find some corrugated iron from the Demolition yard just down from the railway crossing. Very helpful guy and he even strapped down the trailer for us as well.

This is the side with the chook door I've yet to construct.

This is the side with the people door. I didn't have to make this door as it was from the tip! It wasn't planned this way but it's the same "Pale Eucalypt" colour as the shed in the background.

There are two long, fold down doors on this side of the cot. Yep, remember, it started with a blue wooden cot! The lower door is for if the chooks decide to start laying underneath the above shelf, which is what the above door is really meant for. Collecting eggs!

The top door needs another coat of paint, but I'm saving that for the last job of all. The pine panels will be painted with a stain - if I have enough of it left, too. It's what I used on the same pine paneling as the tractor.

These were the girls checking out their new home. I was running inside the house and outside a lot today, as I had my mum visit - so the girls stayed close to where I was working. They are so adorable - great companions for the backyard.

I'm missing one lovely lady unfortunately. She developed a cough and didn't recover. So the rush is on to get them into a new (larger) coop. They certainly don't complain about the free-ranging though, and I love them as my constant companions. I'm probably going to feel a little heartbroken when I get them a new rooster. Then hopefully, a batch of chicks before the cold weather sets in again.

I have one constantly broody chook. She keeps trying to peck my feet whenever I enter the tractor. For such a wee little thing as a Pekin though, no damage is done.


  1. Looking good! I hope the weather holds out for you! I am ment to be using power tools outside tomorrow so fingers crossed the rain waits for us to finish our jobs!

  2. Hasn't the weather been funny? Two glorious hot days, followed by wet afternoons.

    I hope you got to finish what you planned to. I'll have to update on my progress soon.

    Storm coming so I better go!

  3. nice work with the chicken coop, its looking great

  4. Hi Nicole. Thanks for leaving your comments. As I recall you were making a coop too, weren't you? One with a lovely red door. I went to check your blog again, but it was blank. I would love to see your progress too. :)


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