Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring ladies

I couldn't let the first day of Spring go by without some happy-snaps of our pekin chooks. They're allowed out to free-range for an hour or so in the afternoons now. Ever inquisitive, our ladies love to scratch around the scrub looking for grubs!

Classic Pekin Pose...bottoms up!

I can't make heads nor tails from these three

Five ladies out for a walk, down the garden path.

I told you the grass was not greener on this side!

This is how we collect the eggs when moving trolleys and little children. She has a little egg in her hand - third one of the day!!

Hope your Spring is warm, full of compost and the garden rearing to go.


  1. Oh Chris your 'ladies' are beautiful! I love the bottom shot!
    Can I ask where you got them from? I am looking to get some more girls to add to our 'flock' later in the year and would love to find some different breeds to what we have.
    I like the trolley idea too! - Emily

  2. Thanks for your coments Emily. I hope you're enjoying the warmth of Spring too!

    I'll check with the lady I got them from, where she originally purchased them. I believe they were acquired in Toowoomba.

    The trolley came about after moving our huge ponytail palm into place. Dave was wheeling the trolley back and our daughter decided to hitch a ride. On the way back to the house, I asked them to take the egg back.

    I love family days spent in the backyard!

    Anyway, I'll pop back here and let you know when I've heard back from the lady I got my pekins from.

  3. Okay, I found out that the original breeder for my pekins has sold all stock and gotten out of breeding.

    However, I have the contact details of someone breeding pekins in the Toowoomba region. I asked if I could pass on their contact details, so here is an email address:

    They also said they had some pekin crosses available at the moment (1x2 week old, and 4x1 day olds. All for $15. They will be coming to Toowoomba tomorrow (4th of September) so if you're interested, contact them via email.

    But it's a good place to start, and I hope they are able to help you at some point.

  4. Thanks for that Chris, I am not quite ready for some more girls just yet, but I will contact them in a few months. They are such beautiful looking chooks. Can you tell them all apart?
    A girl friend asked me that the other day, as we have 3 red hens, that to most look identical. For me it is rather easy to tell them apart. Thanks again ~ Emily

  5. Yep, it wasn't easy but I've eventually told them apart. Mostly through personality. There are two older girls which were part of the original trio, and the other three are their daughters.

    Out of the three girls, the youngest and smallest one is the most cantankerous! I think she's going to be one of those permanent broodie types. ;)

    Like you, I'm looking forward to getting more - but only once I've organised more housing.

    Thanks for dropping by and adding your comments.

  6. I so love photos of chooks. Your black feathered ladies are stunning:)

  7. Thank you lucky-1, and I know how you love your chooks too. Glad their sand bed worked out during the wet, and you still got all those lovely eggs. :)


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