Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good morning Sunshine...

...and welcome to a brand new day!

I was up early this morning and happy to see the sunshine out and about, warming up the garden. To my surprise I had discovered our pigeon pea trees started flowering. I had no idea they could be so beautiful.

Because of all the wet weather we've been having lately all the wild fungi and even mushrooms have popped up everywhere. I know where the edible mushrooms came from though, all the mushroom compost we put down recently. Could I possibly get any more wonderful surprises!!

Well the answer of course is yes...with some new seeds that have sprouted recently. What's so special about these seeds?

They're the Bok Choy seeds I was given by Emily at Little Farm in the City. She wrote on the packet that it was good chicken food. With the amount which has successfully germinated around the place, I reckon the chooks will be getting some too! As much as we like Bok Choy, there's definitely enough to go around.

The white stuff you can see on the surface is from the mushroom compost. With all the moisture that's been around lately, it's coming back to life. Which is one more reason I'm happy to see the sun about today. Time to dry out the ground a bit before everything turns to mush!

I can now appreciate how difficult it must be for people living in the wet tropics to grow vegetables. No wonder the best time of year for them is in the dry season. So true!!

I hope you all have a wonderful time in your gardens today, or whatever you happen to be doing. If you're in Queensland - enjoy the sunshine and let's hope it gives the swollen waterways time to recede.


  1. Glad to see the seeds are sprouting. Our chooks love any of the choy plants. And with such a quick turn around (10 or so weeks to maturity) it makes them so easy to grow.
    We too are feasting on free mushrooms, yum!

  2. The peas look great (they have been on our planting list for so long now, we have to get on with it!). Congratulations too about Dave's new job - I remember when my chef friend Vanessa finally got to work better hours and she was a new woman. I'll be giving the bok choy a go too

  3. Chooks just love those leafy greens, don't they. (I love bok choi too!)



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