Monday, June 8, 2009

Up way too early

So I have this irritating cold of mine. I hate it when they linger. Coughing meant I didn't get much sleep and I'd just about had it by 3 am!!

Boo-hoo for me. I think not!

What to do when you can't sleep and feel hungry, but it's way too early for breakfast? Well you bake of course! I had a ball seeing how much food I could bake all at once.

First I baked off some Anzac cookies (in the background) and cooked some pumpkin for another recipe. That's a combination of butternut and JAP pumpkin.

Then I baked scalloped potatoes to have with our dinner tonight. Leaving a section without parsley, as our daughter turns her nose up at green stuff. She surprised me recently, after eating a fresh snow-pea straight off the vine though! Maybe I'll convert her yet.

While that was in the oven I knocked together some rich short-crust pastry, for a pumpkin pie I plan to bake later in the day - hence the pumpkin cooked earlier.

Of course the pastry recipe required an egg-yolk only. A little bolt of creativity hit me when I was about to put the "white" back in the fridge. Why not make some mini meringues? I just cut up a jube lollie into six pieces to use for the eyes, and sprinkled them all with rainbow sprinkles.

Our daughter should get a nice surprise today. Frankly, I think I surprised myself how much I could do in one morning. We're pretty much set up for the rest of the day. Dave plans to dig some more of our wall today, so I like having sweet treats around for energy.

I will bake the pumpkin pie later during the day, as the oven still has the meringues slowly baking away. Soon I will hang out the washing I managed to put on earlier too.

For a bad night's sleep it's turning out to be a great day already!


  1. Crikey -well done superwoman! I think I would have stayed in bed feeling sorry for myself!

  2. Thanks. :)

    Believe me though, I would've stayed in bed if I could. Something about laying down didn't agree with my lungs.

    I'm coming good now though. I've had two nights sleep and things are looking up.


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