Sunday, September 6, 2009

First incubation attempt - update

Exterminate..Exterminate! The Darleks decree - these eggs are inferior and must be exterminated.

Seven were clear when I candled them at 10 days. Which now leaves seventeen viable eggs left in the incubator - out of the original twenty-four.

Unfortunately, not even the Doctor could save them in time.

Okay, if you're wondering about the figurines, Dave is an old Doctor Who fan. When our daughter caught sight of the Darlek and K9 figurines in the packet, she begged and pleaded with her father to let them out of the box!

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys - I have my incubator while they have their figurines.

Well folks, only seven days to go now!!!

For some awesome pictures of what to expect when candling eggs, visit here. These are not pictures of my eggs, but it's still a great example of what to look out for.

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