Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making do

September has been one of those months where everything seems harder to do. There's been no rain for weeks, so no successive sowing in the vegetable garden. Everything I've put in previously is struggling, if not outright dying, and we still have to make the water last for the household.

Challenging, but not impossible to make do with what we've got. Hopefully October will see some easier times.

Yesterday, we took out a medium sized eucalyptus tree which was near the veggie patch. It would've come out sooner, but it was offering a little shade to the chicken coop and seedlings in the afternoon. But we have a building project marked for the veggie patch soon, so it simply had to come out.

What to do with all those branches? We put some in a pile so they wouldn't be in the way, but we also put some on top of the chicken coop.

My choko vine died and I've yet to plant another (if I can find one) so it made sense to place the medium sized branches on top of the exposed roof line. I couldn't use small branches, as they would've blown away; nor could I use large branches either - in case it put too much weight on the structure. So I settled for medium sized branches, which seems to have done the trick.

I reckon the chooks have got to be pleased - much better than staring at concrete rebar and blistering sunlight. As the eucalyptus leaves are still fresh, they should be moist enough to cool the air slightly. Only until they start dying back and falling off that is.

Maybe just enough time to find another choko vine?


  1. Hi Chris, either a passionfruit, or if you want something that will take off in no time a luffa vine to cover the chook pen, the luffa will be deciduous though remember:)

  2. I wanted a deciduous climber to let the winter sun in, so luffa's sound great. If only I could get some to germinate. I've gotten one plant out so far, from 10 or 20 seeds.

    I'm wondering if I should try the good old cotton wool in a glass jar trick next, and leave it on the window sil? :)

  3. Chris I am happy to send over some of my luffa seeds if you want, they never seem to fail me:)

  4. I'd love to get some from you, how do I send you my details? If you're a member of Aussies Living Simply, we can PM one another.

    Or I can post my email in these comments?

  5. Thanks molly, I received your email address. I'm on the run today but I'll email you tomorrow (Monday). :)

  6. you might be able to get some choko seeds (I'm looking for some for our chook house too) from your lcoal seed savers network. The last meeting I went to they promised some would be available around about now so maybe worth a shot. If I find some, I'll send them up to you. If you have any luck, I'd love some too!


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