Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Calendars

Just a quick post to share something new I learned to print a free calendar from the internet. I had been meaning to purchase my annual calendar, but for some reason kept forgetting to. So now it's nearly February I'm beginning to feel a little lost without my calendar hanging up.

It's there to remind me of appointments and when bills are due. I know there are more electronic ways to get reminders, ie: send yourself an email from your own computer calendar, but call me old fashioned: I need the visual model hanging on my wall which I can scribble upon when something calls for my attention.

I found a link for free calender downloads, from my free software Open Office - which is kind of like Microsoft Office but free. I just wanted to share in case anyone else has forgotten to buy their calendars, but has a printer available. By the way, you don't need to download Open Office in order to to get the free calendars, as they open in your existing internet browser. I chose to download the ink-saver version. Bear in mind for anyone who doesn't live in the US, don't download the holidays version by accident. What you need to click on is the Blank Monday-Sunday version, for the applicable year.

I had a few troubles at first, but then I read all the instructions on the page to discover I didn't have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which was also free to download. So be sure to read and follow all the instructions. Then it's just a simple matter of printing out your calender. Here's a photo of mine...

Anything but flash - always practical!

I used a clipboard for backing, and a big clip for hanging from the screen divider near our small office area. I also put a piece of blue scrap-paper behind the current month, so any ink or indentations won't seep into the following month underneath - because it's all printed on regular office paper.

I thought this might be a useful tip for those wanting to save money, or just too forgetful to write "calendar" on their shopping list, LOL.

If I like the calendar, I may even try to find it a permanent backing board, made specifically for these free printables. You know, easy to put on or take off, easy to hang, stuff like that. I'll make it out of whatever I have laying around too. No fuss, easy and rustic, that's my motto. ;)


  1. Thats a good idea! I need something more like a datebook/ journal this year but if a clander woud do, this looks easy.

  2. Hi there LindaM. If you take a squiz at the homepage of the website I linked to, you'll find they do other freebies as well. I think they do daily planners too?

    The calendar I linked to was the style I liked - they had others but take a look and see. They seemed pretty easy to open and print once I got the right Adobe Reader program installed.

    I haven't had the chance, but once I get some free time I plan to look if they have other stuff I can print off. :)

  3. I will look. It will motivate me to install my printer at along last:)

  4. P.S.
    I have passed on another award so come by and pick it up when you have time:)

  5. i go to a site like this to print out my calendars & planer pages, i like not having to spend money on these items.

  6. Me too Nicole, best not to spend where it can be avoided. Calendars only last 12 months anyway. ;)

    Thanks for dropping by and sorry for taking so long to reply. Strangely I'm not gardening, and yet all my time still seems to disappear during the day, LOL.


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