Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kreativ Award

I was recommended for an award by LindaM, over at her blog "Hello, it's me!" I was really thrilled to receive it. What do awards really mean though - I wanted to know, because sometimes I look around my small part of the world and wonder why what I talk about, deserves any kind of mention? Especially the lovely things LindaM said. :)

When I got to thinking deeper about it though, blog awards are really about the relationships between different bloggers and how we each have a unique story to tell. We each speak something unique in our own way. We speak our voice to others, even if that sound seems all too familiar to ourselves, LOL. And I love listening to LindaM's voice over her side of the equator. Camalids, chickens, bees, plants - all my favourite things!

The Kreativ Award has also introduced me to other blogs, such as Rubye Jack, who originally nominated LindaM for hers. I guess, even though I got nominated by Linda in return, I think the real fun is in passing it around - so we get to discover other unique voices we may not have come across otherwise. In this way, I really do feel honoured to receive LindaM's gesture.

So onto the seven things you absolutely cannot leave this world, without knowing about me...

1. I'm naturally cautious around others, but don't let that put you off. I'm really quietly in love with the world and all it's unique beings I haven't gotten to know yet.

2. I'm still discovering my voice and I'm learning new things about myself every day. Two years from my forties, and I'm just starting to accept it's okay to be wrong, to change and be someone you told yourself in your 30's you'd never be!

3. I really admire my husband. He's everything I shouldn't have picked in a partner (LOL) and that's what makes him absolutely perfect. He opened my eyes to the beauty of others I don't inherently understand. So for that, I really admire his stamina and unashamed confidence in being himself. :)

4. It may surprise others to learn I'm a Christian with no subscription to any particular version of Christianity. I just read my bible and listen to the spirit within. It's often what gets me through those times I cannot handle reality. I figure if God can have trust in people, knowing what we're capable of, then there must be something very important about learning to trust others.

5. I'm an artist, even though my biggest works to date, are found in the garden. It's my 3D living sculpture that will constantly be a work in progress, LOL. I also believe dirt has healing properties we are yet to discover. 

6. Most of my family (both sides) have direct connections to the United Kingdom. 

7. My great, great, great grandfather was a Missionary to Australia, and wrote a lot about the social needs of minority groups of his time. He often made a lot of recommendations about the benefit of keeping family connections in-tact, even though the religious norm was to separate and assimilate back into white society. I'm proud to know this voice of mine, which instinctively questions "norms", came from such a legacy. And I was doing it before I even knew what the family tree branches extended back to. Way to go, Triple G!

Now to the blogs I nominate. It probably won't surprise you, most will have a gardening or building theme of some variety! But all very creative blogs in my humble opinion.

Happy Earth, to me is a wonderful blog about change in your own backyard. They didn't move away from the suburbs to live the way they wanted to. I love their info about edible plants and how they've gone about designing their garden. Happy Earth, is a happy place to visit.

Abdallah House, takes others on the journey of building a house (and subsequently living a life) centred around the permaculture principles. I love how they've fashioned their own niche of Victoria, according to what they believe in. They also want to help shape the perception about their community, with other community builders.

Our Old Miners Cottage, is another home building adventure which I really want to nominate. I know how hard they are working and probably wonder if their blog is of interest to anyone. I just wanted to recognise them as very creative people, at a time in their lives with so much work to be done! What they cannot achieve with lime plaster, I honestly don't know. Keep up the good work guys. :)

Life in the Dome, just has to be my absolutely favourite chicken themed blog in the entire universe! Jacqui, you're one of a kind!

Joyfulhomemaker, is a busy (former Queensland) family that upped stumps and moved to Country Victoria. They are making a new home for their family, while home schooling all their children. MaShelley (I hope I can call her that, as it's from a discussion forum we are familiar with) is a unique person, extremely creative in all that she does and someone I'd bake a cake for and invite around for coffee! If only she lived closer. I will have to settle for reading her blog instead. I know you will love their renovation pictures. :)

Plain and Joyful Living, really says it all! They are another home schooling family, living in the US. I love how their home business centres around making things from wood, with no preservative treatments. They try to live lightly, on less, which isn't always easy. But Tonya is faithful and honest about the process as she can be.

Eight acres of eden, brings me back to Australia again. It's one of my favourite reads. Ann doesn't always have the time to write on her blog, after all, raising a large family, home schooling and renovating a home (snap!  I've got a lot of those in my list!) takes up a lot of time. When she does write though, it's worth sitting down and reading.

Phew! I wasn't sure if I had enough in my blog list to nominate, as seven is such a large number to come up with. But I'm surprised how many quality blogs I would nominate for such an award. They really are quality reads and I'm glad I took the time to share them with you all.

Thank you LindaM for nominating me - I love visiting your blog and pondering new ways of looking at the world. :)


  1. This is a very great and thoughtful post Chris and that's why I nominated you in the first place. You are you. Glad you ot to visit Rubye Jack....I look forward to visiting your choices.
    I agree that our gardens can be our greatest works of art but still have trouble imagining that I could be wrong;)

  2. Hey there! Thanks for dropping by again. :)

    I think the best pieces of art, probably feel better than they look - in other words, they make you feel alive. I'm sure your special patch of dirt will turn around and surprise you. Mine always has, LOL.


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