Friday, March 15, 2013

Whatever happend to...

I don't believe I ever did an update on the shrug I started knitting for my daughter, back in winter 2012. The fur yarn I was experimenting with for sleeves, didn't work, but the end product wasn't compromised.

I hurt my back (I think ironically from knitting, lol) so it stayed on the unfinished pile for quite a while. I actually finished it in Spring when the weather started to heat up again, so she really only got to wear it a few times before it got packed away.

Thankfully, it still managed to fit as the cooler weather of autumn set-in recently, and I took some pictures with her posing for fun.

Kids and their clothes - they're so fleeting aren't they! It takes so long to knit and very little time to outgrow them.

I'm glad I was finally able to take something off the needles for my daughter. Something she actually likes! I have been busy knitting something for her baby brother too. I wish I had known what I could achieve with knitting when she was a baby.

I suppose while I still have needles (and opposable thumbs) I can keep knitting something for her.


  1. Nice work and Sarah is doing a marvelous job at modeling-the sweater does her justice. What are you knitting for baby?

  2. Sarah loves the shrug and it's just her "style", as she tells me too. She likes hugging clothes without being too tight. Ever closer to being a pre-teen, I suppose the baggy, kiddy look, just isn't her thing any more, lol.

    I'm working on a newborn jacket, beanie and booties. I've been fortunate to find some free patterns from Ravelry, but as is sometimes the case with free patterns, they don't always make a lot of sense. So it's been a lot of experimentation and ripping back sometimes. Still, I am making progress!! I hope to report on it soon. :)

  3. Sarah is growing up to be a lovely young lady nd with very good taste;)
    Some designers on ravelry will help you with pattern east that's what I have heard. I know you'll find something that will work though.

  4. I find reading the "comments" section on the free patterns, very helpful. Some Ravelry members who have knitted it before, made sense of the instructions with links to the kinds of stitches you had to do. That's what got me anywhere near a completed project, lol.

    I've finished two jackets now, so should be able to post some pics soon. :)


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