Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Early labour

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This picture was taken yesterday, before we left for my 32 week ultrasound scan. I'm looking much happier than I did the day before, as a strange turn of events happened from something rather simple.

I'm not entirely sure when it happened, it could have been 3 days ago when I put on my ugg-boots for the cooler weather - as I noticed my feet starting to swell then. Or it could have been 2 days ago, when I went outside to pick the guinea-pigs some food in some tall weeds and thongs.

But at least 2 days ago, I noticed one particular foot starting to swell. There was a welt on it, like something had bitten me. I noticed a couple on the other foot too, but they were smaller and not painful. The bad foot swelled, became painful to walk on, I couldn't fit any of my shoes any more, but worse of all - I started to get painful contractions.

I didn't notice it at first. I just had several nights of sleeplessness. I kept getting up every two hours to use the toilet. It started to remind me of my pre-labour before Sarah was born - even David said he heard me making the same noises. We called the hospital when it became apparent it wasn't going away, and visited the birthing suite for a thorough overview.

They strapped their little machine to me, which monitored the baby's heartbeat and any contractions. It was clear I was either going into early labour or experiencing braxton hicks. As it had developed over a few days, they couldn't rule out early labour, so ordered a test to be sure that wasn't happening.

Thankfully, the test came back negative, which meant they didn't have to inject me with steroids to mature the baby's lungs in case he came early. I was relieved, but they did say to return, should the pains reoccur. My antenatal appointment was moved up a week, just to keep an eye on the situation too.

I suspect I know what happened though. Something did bight me (I don't know if it was a poisonous spider, or whatever bit me gave an allergic reaction) but the result was a fever to fight the infection and nausea - which probably also led to my uterus contracting.

As I said to David when we left the hospital, I'm glad we got it checked, even though I suspected it would pass through my system. It was sensible to get it checked out medically. But I'm also glad to know my body did what it had to do naturally, given a very simple source of infection had entered it.

Needless to say, I'm watching my shoes very carefully and it's the families job to pick food for the guinea pigs now!

Other good news is, I think we have finally settled on a name. I don't want to share it until our little guy arrives though.


  1. Chris, that's neat- we're both 32 weeks along. My due date is June 1st, when is yours?

    That was a pretty worrisome hospital trip, I'm sure! I'm glad to hear everything was figured out in the end & Baby is okay. We still need to pick a name for ours!

  2. Hi, and thanks for visiting! I liked your blog and post on housework recently.

    Yes, we're very close in dates, my EDD is 3 June. Though considering I have type 1 diabetes also, the hospital doesn't like patients to go the full 40 weeks. They recommend induction after 38 weeks! Still deciding what I want though. I'll be watching your blog to see when your little bundle arrives.

    Names are such a hard thing to come up with when you consider it's what they'll be called for the rest of their lives. My daughter's name was fairly easy to pick, as I've always been partial to the name Sarah. I thought I had some favourite boys names too, but all the ones I liked, either my husband didn't or daughter had bad memories associated to the names of boys in her school.

    Some of the names we've all contemplated (but ultimately rejected) were: Aiden, Jullian, Liam, Lachlan, Spencer, Rory, Salem, Justin, and I could go on and on! They're pretty neat names, but got shafted because one of us had an issue. Good luck choosing your name too. :)

    1. Names are tough! We tend to give our children very unique first names, and common, family, middle names such as James and Michael, etc. That way if they're ever uncomfortable with their unique first name they can always use their nice & normal middle name. ;)

      I love the name Lachlan! We don't post our children's names online.... but one of them is named something very similar to Lachlan. Just trade the L for a V and that is his name. :)

  3. I'm so glad you and Baby are okay! You look great in your picture too.
    I had named Jasmine years before conceiving her but B. was harder. He was named while I was pregnant. Garry wanted to name him Ronald after his dad but in the U.S., that's a name people associate with McDonalds or Ronald Reagan....both of which I found repulsive and other children would make fun of. It's a nice enough name if not for those things. Anyhow, he is now the one and only B. lol.

  4. Thanks for popping by Linda. :)

    Isn't funny how we're drawn to certain names and keep them near. I can understand Garry's desire for his son to be named after his father, but I also understand the name would be received differently in Australia than in the US. I'm sure B was grateful in the end, his name was not forever associated to the golden arches, lol.

    We are incorporating David's father's name into our sons, but it's a very simple name, with the only memorable association being biblical. We were not looking for biblical names in particular - just that his father's name can be found there. Or at least that's the plan! I'm pretty sure after all the trouble we've gone through to find a suitable name, we won't be eager to change our minds. ;)

  5. Pleased you and your baby are ok, that must have been a scare! Hold on to your little guy a bit longer and take things easy (though to put your mind at ease my twins were born at 32 weeks and turned out perfectly fine and healthy!) Rest up while you can x

  6. Thanks for visiting MW. :)

    I bet at 32 weeks with twins, you would've been twice my size! Were there complications for them to come so early, or was it just standard practice? I know they try to let multiple births go for as long as possible now.

    Happy they arrived safe in the end, and it makes me hope one day (soon) I can say that too!

  7. Wow so relieved to hear that it wasn't premature labour!! Must have been quite frightening for you! My friend in Japan little boy was born at 31 weeks and despite spending the first 6 weeks or so in hospital you wouldn't know it now!

    Glad to hear you have settled on a name. I think boys name are really hard! Trying to come up with another boy's name for us was just like what you and your husband went through. We have our next set of names already chosen though - I like to have the baby named as soon as he/she becomes a he/she, lol!

  8. It's amazing what they can do nowadays for Premmies. Glad your friend's baby came through it all for the better. Six weeks would seem such a long time to have your baby at the hospital, but I bet they wanted to celebrate when they got home. That's my favourite part - coming home!

    Thanks for dropping by Nay, and I hope you get to use those new names soon!


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