Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gone bananas!

If I haven't gone bananas yet, then I'm going to - as they're just about ready to eat!

 June 2013 - click to enlarge

Check out "Ducca"! This is the dwarf Ducasse variety of banana, we planted back in November 2011. With the weight of the bananas slowly pulling Ducca over, and knowing the winds of winter can be quite strong, I took a chance and lopped off the whole stem.

I brought them inside, knowing they'd have to ripen - but for how long was uncertain. A week passed by and they were still as green as the day I picked them! It was nearly two weeks before I saw any change.

Thank you Ducca!

I think the trick is keeping the bunch in darkness, as the dark side of the bunch is where the change first occurred. The side facing the northern window (direct sunlight) are still very green.

I can't wait to taste them! We'll be eating fresh bananas in winter. The many benefits of living in a subtropical/temperate climate on a slope! We will soon be rewarded for all our patience, compost and mulching...I will let you know what they taste like.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I remember when you first planted these and now look! Congratulations.


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