Friday, August 30, 2013

I wonder...

...if babies dream, what do they dream about? It must be wonderful, as Peter dreams a lot and even laughs in his sleep. This picture was taken not long before he developed a stomach bug, which his sister shared unintentionally. I have been covered in poop, vomit and preparing meals fit for sensitive tummies for several days now. Of all weeks for the washing machine to die, it had to be on the day we had a lot of mess to clean up too.

I managed to fix the washing machine, but not before creating another dandy wet mess, all over the laundry floor. Believe it or not though, I don't feel bad about it all. I don't feel life owed me anything special this week - as if it ever owes me anything.

We got through it as we so often do, together. Which is something worth smiling about, I reckon.


  1. Ugh, so sorry that you are having such a bad time of it with the stomach bug. I do remember how hard it can be with a baby. However, he is a gorgeous little guy isn't he? I am so glad that he laughs in his sleep! Hope all of you are well. I have been having a hard time with blogs etc. just not enough time in the world but I don't want to lose touch with you. I think yours is the only blog I read now.

  2. We are all better now, phew! As far as stomach bugs go, we got a nice one - it left within 24 hours of major upset, but we all didn't catch it at the same time. While the kids weren't vomiting after 24 hours, they still felt a little queezy so I had to watch what they could eat. I still think it could have been worse though. A hospital trip is my idea of worse, and I'm grateful Peter didn't require it.

    I hope you guys are well too. Thanks for sticking with my blog even if you don't get around to reading it much. I'm not in a hurry to write, so you shouldn't have to rush to read. Real life is more important than screen time. But I'd be lying if I thought you weren't part of my real life. I've been thinking of you guys and hoping this summer has been kinder on you than the last.


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