Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knit tip for cloths

It's time to start knitting dishcloths again. The ones I've had for several years are beginning to develop holes. One thing I discovered recently, which I didn't know before...

If you have a favourite dishcloth pattern, requiring 8 ply cotton but can only source 4 ply, simply knit from two separate balls. I'm happy to report this worked a treat for me recently. I had no problems unraveling the two balls at the same time and the needles never caught on the separate threads.

I worked a neutral colour and variegated, to give me a light coloured dishcloth. This combination will easily hide any stains it may develop while in use. What I appreciate most about this waffle knit dishcloth pattern, is that it creates a flexible cloth, but also holds its shape once wet. If you have a favourite dishcloth pattern, stick with it!

One down already, just a few more cloths to go...


  1. Very pretty! We actually have a harder time finding thinner cotton here in the U.S. so have no issues with thick enough cotton. We have crochet thread which is nice to use or we have mercerized for clothing. Anything can be ordered online but stores do not generally carry every weight of cotton. We also don't go by plus, but by terms such as D.K. , Worsted, Sport, etc.

    1. I noticed this when I use pattens from the US. Everything is written according to worst, sport, DK and when that kind of language is foreign to you, all you can do is experiment with what you can find.

      I noticed 8 ply cotton can be purchased here in Australia, but generally from US brand wools like Lions. Not everyone stocks that brand here either. Online is generally the way to buy it here too!

      The crochet thread you mention is what I use in my dishcloths. That's what seems to be readily available at a reasonable cost. I guess it's too warm in the US for you to start any knitting projects. It's a great winter time activity though. :)

    2. It was very warm and I put my kitting aside. Jasmine had bought be some nice yarn and I got some from an Earth Day event so I have alot to do but no inspiration. Its cooled down alot now.
      I did spend some time crocheting towels with Lily Sugar and Cream cotton for Jasmines new apartment but outside of that-not much. I would not likely use Lion Brand cotton. Lily Sugar and Cream is the widely available one and its cheap.
      Crochet thread is actually traditional for dishclothes isn't it?

    3. Oh wow, Jasmine has her own digs now! How exciting for her. I think the crochet towels will make a most excellent present. My mum still makes me one every Christmas, lol. They're hand towels and have a crocheted loop, which gets hung on a hook near the sink. I love each and every one. When they're too yucky to use any more, I use them as rags.

      I will keep a look out for "Lily" which I assume is the brand of cotton and "Sugar and Cream" is the colour?

      I don't know what kind of cotton is traditional for dishcloths, but all the patterns I seem to like require 8 ply cotton. Crochet thread in Australia, has always been 4 ply or less.

    4. Chris, this is an example of Lily Sugar 'n cream. Its a brand. there are lots of colors:
      The same company puts out a thicker yarn called Peaches 'n Cream too.

      Yes, Jasmine just moved out of the dorms and into an apartment with two girls. She's very happy to have a kitchen. The school forces the students to buy their meal plans if they live on campus and its terrible food-she was always nauseous or hungry. I think its going to be a great experience for her.

      I think that crochet thread was used at least in the U.S. for things like pot holders and dish rags. I have a few samples from estate sales-never used. Not sure when cotton yarn as opposed to thread hit the market.
      Japanese patterns call for the use of acrylic yarn most of the time. It comes in more colors and the Japanese tawashi patterns are really fun-things like ketchup bottles, teddy bears, etc. Acrylic works good to scrub dishes with too.

  2. lovely dishcloth. I really like that pattern. Will have to give it a try. I make all my dishcloths with the double yarn as I can only find the 4 ply.

    1. Thanks for verifying the 4 ply availability over the lessor known 8 ply. I thought perhaps I just wasn't shopping in the right places. But even online, cotton isn't that big here. Wool seems to be the favourite to stock.

      It's a great pattern to work from too. I hope you enjoy. :)


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