Friday, March 14, 2014

Someone else's dream

A lot of the gardening information I share, has to do with living in the southern hemisphere, where snow in winter is something I can only read about on other people's blogs. One such blogger I know of however, does garden in the northern hemisphere, and also happens to own five acres (and a dream).

They've recently published a book about it, and after selling over 500 copies, Leigh is having a giveaway of her book, posted anywhere in the world.

Book cover illustration
read about the book here

Even though we live world's apart with completely different climates, I'm still interested in what Leigh has to say about gardening on five acres and pursuing their dream. Because that's our family in a nutshell too.

I support the fact Leigh chose to self-publish, and is using the good old-fashioned grapevine to market her book. By asking other people to blog about it, or use other forms of social media, we get to take part in spreading the word about something which is very difficult to do without an instruction manual. And that is to dream a dream, take a leap of faith and go do something completely different to the mainstream.

If you think you can relate to that in any way, feel free to enter the giveaway for yourself. You can do so by clicking here. I've left it a little late, as entries will close by Saturday - which for Australian time, may actually be the early hours of Sunday. But it's worth spreading the word anyway.

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