Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The internet has been cut from our lives for three days recently. It's a long story, but basically it turned out to be a fried modem and too much money spent on getting the diagnosis. Our curious son also managed to dunk another wireless device into the cat's water, which was our second form of internet access. The wonder which is Murphy's Law, had a rollicking good time at our place recently.

It took some getting used to being internet free but now we have it back, I haven't been using it as much. Neither has David. I didn't think we were addicted to using the internet, but given the initial withdrawal symptoms and then relishing the time we spent together without internet in our lives, I guess we were addicted.

In our downtime recently, David got to finish cutting-up some branches and relocating them out of  the way....

Acacia branches

....and I got to re-organise my pots around the verandah again, giving some poor plants much needed morning sunlight. It should make this philodendron a little happier.

Philodendron 'imperial green'

I even got to plant some more vegetables in our small garden beds, which was something I really enjoyed. I'm imagining fresh cauliflower and french beans, along with the wom bok which went in a few weeks earlier.

French dwarf bean

We even got to contemplate building some wicking beds, which we have been entertaining for years. Given that we're removing a precious shade tree, we thought about how we can turn some wicking beds into some extended shade for the area too.

I'm getting around to catching up with all the regular blogs I read, but at a pace which is less net-centric. How do you think your life is effected by how much you use the internet?


  1. Thats a gorgeous Philodandron! I am amazed at how varied the leaves can be in that family of plants. I have one with toothed leaves that you commented on at one time.
    We are definitely addicted to the internet here-or I am anyway. I think its because of the isolation-I need the entertainment and the contact with others. The habit I would like to break is Facebook. I hated it initially and then I got sucked in. I might consider ridding myself of the internet for summer but resuming in winter-but then I'd also lose Netflix and Hulu where I watch many a fine documentary.

  2. I have three different kinds of philodendron, and they are all different in size and shape. I remember commenting on your blog about an indoor plant, but my memory is shocking - I think I was asking what kind of plant it was?

    David is into Facebook, but it still hasn't managed to suck me in yet, lol. I have to watch my other activities on the net though, as they can be big time sucks. What I noticed more though, was the capacity for me to stop "dreaming" in my real life. I read more about what other people were doing, than doing things myself.

    Or at least that is what I realised recently. Which is now my cue to get off the net and eat those yummy fried eggs I cooked about ten minutes ago and left on the stove, lol.


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