Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend projects outside

Well I was planning on a completely different project this weekend, however, my recent warfare campaign, required re-enforcements. I pulled grass and moved soil to cover in the rat tunnels, but I had to come up with a way for the plants to grow on this particular slope.


I have always struggled for plants to grow here, as it can get quite dry. Slopes drain extremely well. That's when I realised I had to go down a level. Or should that be, go up a level?


By installing a small retaining wall, a good metre away from the larger one, I created a reduced slope to allow rain to seep in, as opposed to run down hill. The wall ends at the Dianella grass (background) and I intend to continue it after the Dianella. Apart from the fact I didn't want to dig up the grass, which I planted and wanted to grow - it allows any water that comes off the walkway, to drain down into the new plateau I made.

Mondo (left) Rhoeo (right)

The above image is in my sidebar, and it was taken when we first installed the lower wall. The original Mondo grass and Rhoeo have lived, but many other plants haven't. I was a little more hopeful when I planted some larger specimens, which I rescued from other parts of the garden and nursed back to life, in pots.

The time I spent on this area recently, I collected three paralysis ticks for my efforts, and one of the neighbours dogs decided to poop in this area, so I trod in it, while digging. Otherwise, it was a successful weekend project.


  1. You are amazing! What a great solution to your water issues and the wall looks so nice!
    What do you do about tics latching on? Here we have the Lymes disease issue and most doctors will give us antibiotics immediately for up to 25 days.

  2. Thanks, its working thus far - no return rats, and I really hope it helps the water retaining issues. We can only experiment with different solutions.

    I visited my GP today (for a different reason) and asked about whether the medical practice for Lymes disease has changed since a few cases have been found in Australia. He didn't seem to know and didn't recommend antibiotics. I feel pretty healthy though. I know some of the symptoms for Lymes disease are flu like.

  3. Alot of doctors don't care to give antibiotics after tic bites. Its deemed controversial in places where Lymes isn't a true threat but ask anybody who has had Lymes or lives in an area of the U.S. where walking outside means tic bites and they all urge this treatment-even those in the alternative health lifestyles. You can tell if the bite area turns red if you got to it too late and need antibiotics-at least that is the common thinking around here. I am glad you feel well though.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I was looking after a little someone who turned out to have measles. He also experienced his first tic recently too. We got to it so early, that when I put the hydrogen peroxide on it, the tick almost disintegrated when I lifted it with the tweezers.

      As for antibiotics, I may have been able to acquire some if I was persistent. I was waiting for the flu-like symptoms which didn't arrive, so I didn't push. I was interested to know if the policy had changed in Australia though. My doctor didn't seem to know.

  4. Your retaining walls look really good. We don't have a lot of rocks but we collect all we find. Glad you all weren't worse for the wear with tick bites. We lost a dog to Lymes and it can be scary stuff to think about.

  5. I remember your puppy passing, but I didn't remember how. That must have been really hard. I hate losing pets myself.

    We lost some chickens to paralysis ticks once, that we let free range down in the gully. Very sad for us and our daughter at the time, because we hand raised them like pets, and they were very affectionate towards us. All different heritage breeds too. The kangaroos have become quite immune to them though.


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