Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More recycling ideas

 3 Litre milk bottle

Back when I made my chicken poop scooper, out of an old milk bottle, I left the remainder on the bench, as a reminder. I didn't have a clue how to use it, but figured something would manifest as soon as something was needed.

And something did manifest...

A seedling tray

I had some lettuce seeds I needed to sprout, but it's always challenging to sprinkle the seed into tiny pots. But there was my milk bottle sitting on the counter, inviting me to experiment with it. So I cut the side open, and used it as a seedling tray.

It's so much easier to sprinkle the seeds on the surface now, and the high sides mean, a little humidity is created when I mist the soil. For fine seeds which need to stay moist before germinating, I found this new device, extremely handy!

I will transplant these lettuce seedlings into their permanent place, once the second leaves develop.

I challenge you all to keep one item of your recycling, on the kitchen bench, until you find a new purpose for it. You may surprise yourselves, as I did. I would have always struggled with sprinkling tiny seeds into tiny pots, had I not kept that milk bottle out, in plain sight.

I just poked three holes in the bottom, and it was ready to go!


  1. Thats a great idea. As I have said before-we don't actually use this type of milk bottle anymore but I could easily get ahold of them if I remember to next spring. There was another idea where onions are grown indoors with them as well-I can't recall the details but I wanted to try it over winter.

    1. Sounds like an interesting experiment to try over winter. If you can save some bottles from being thrown away, and find a handy use for them, its a win-win. I've been quietly challenging myself to see how I can reuse stuff, like the had to before rubbish tips were invented. :)

    2. They had no plastics to contend with back in those days. That is a unique challenge of our times. I think you are doing really well. Obviously the thing is to not buy plastics but its so hard on some items. We buy milk in plastic bottles too-but they are half gallon ones now and they don't have handles. They'd make good planters and funnels if you flip the top upside down-but I don't need either.

    3. P.S. here is a link to a video on onion growing in plastichttps://youtu.be/Ym2QDdhU0EY
      We are fighting off fruit flies right now but once they settle down I'll likely start this project.

  2. That's a good idea. If something is sitting on the kitchen bench (annoying you and in the way), you'll soon find a use for it, won't you?

    1. I know, right, it follows you around the room like eyes on a painting. I would automatically look at it, no matter where I was standing in the kitchen, lol.

  3. we dont buy those milk bottles any more but when we did i cut mine all up into plant tags,
    they are easy to write on with a sharpie and they dont disappear into the dirt like the paddlepop sticks and they are free unlike the plastic ones you sometimes impulse buy when ordering seeds (or is that just me).


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