Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Boot camp

This post is hard to write, because it records a part of the new year, which wasn't very pleasant. Between January and February, David left for five weeks.

He joined the Army Reserves, and needed to undergo his recruitment training. Which is why my blog posts were few and far between. I was extremely busy with all the work, and when afforded the time to rest, I took it! Everything was fine until, the three week mark. And then...

Blurry image taken with my phone

Peter managed to get stuck between the bars of his new bed. Don't ask me how he did it, because Sarah and I couldn't find the way to get him back out again. After 30 minutes problem solving, gentle persuasion and grunting, attempting to pull the bars apart - I finally relented and called the Fire Brigade. And yes, I did take the photo AFTER calling for help.

Not long after arriving, two strong Firemen, grabbed a bar each and pulled. He was out in no time. From that point onwards though, I no longer felt bulletproof. As if to prove this fact, something else happened...


In the forth week, Peter developed the measles, or chicken pox - or whichever he didn't get the last time!  His face swelled, and his incessant scratching ensured the infection spread to his arms, chest and legs. Thank goodness for Calamine lotion, and Antihistamine medication.

He recovered by the time Dad returned home, and we were reunited as a family again. So what does five weeks away from home, recruitment training, do to you? With permission to share, here is David the day before he left:

 Before camp

I've never considered David to be overweight, but apparently he was just a little over his BMI (Body Mass Index) at his last physical.

This is a photo of him, a few days, after he returned from training...

 After camp

I noticed the first time I hugged him, there was practically nothing to hold. It made me quite nervous, as I thought, where has the rest of my husband gone?

His boss actually didn't recognise him, when he turned up to collect the keys, before his first shift back. Everyone has noticed how much weight he's lost. Though I don't recommend boot camp for anyone to lose weight, as its quite a gruelling ordeal. Or so I hear.

While its fair to say, none of us enjoyed the time apart, he did achieve his goal, of the rank of Private. And is now an official member of the Army Reserves.

Full kit for Parade, every week

Why go to all this trouble at age 42? Good question! Because its something which has been on his mind to try, for a while. He also gets paid, with the benefit of being, tax free, income. Though its not a lot of money, for the few hours he does per week. We aren't going to be retiring, any time soon!

So if you think I've been quiet of late, not recording much of our happenings, this is why. We hope to resume normal operations, after a few more weeks, recovery.


  1. Hi Chris! Just when you think you have it under control... At least you thought to call the firies, I wouldn't have known what to do! I think it makes you appreciate each other's contributions when you spend time apart :)

    1. Definitely, you learn to appreciate how your strengths and weakness, work well together. And that collaboration is missed when its gone. I know you and Pete have learned that with your long distance commute to Brisbane, for work. Which will soon be over!

  2. Well done to David for achieving his goal of becoming a Private! And I think working towards your dreams at any age is awesome, great to hear he never gave up on it! :)

    Im so sorry to hear things have been so tough for you while he was away, your poor little fella! What a rough trot he had. Hoping for a relaxing, healthy period for you now. xx

    1. I think he did a terrific job, chasing that dream. Though it does take a lot of energy too. So it has to be something you want to do. :)

      There were quite a few unexpected turns, in the last few weeks, but I was incredibly grateful for the end in sight. I enjoyed lying on my bed, listening to CD's without worrying about the kids, when David got back. I even snuck in a day nap! The extravagance! ;)

  3. Poor Peter! What a trauma for all of you. And then to get the measles on top of it.

    David looks great—in and out of uniform. Well done David. And you for coping so well.

    Hope things go a bit more quietly now.

    1. Peter got quite tired after 30 minutes, so I held his head for him, to take the strain off his neck. But he was happy as Larry, afterwards. Back to playing as if nothing happened.

      David enjoyed being able to fit into pants he hadn't worn since a teenager. Thanks for the well wishes. :)

  4. Well, I wouldn't have felt like superwoman after all that stress either! I can't beleive Peter got stuck in his crib and have never been able to figure out how kids manage that. What goes in must come out you would think. If it makes you feel better, my son got stuck in a bike helmet when he was little. It was one he tried on in a store-it looked like a motorcycle helmut. I was no help as I was laughing on the floor with Jasmine. lol. He got so mad at me that he got it off somehow without taking his head off with it. boys.
    So five rigourous weeks…..makes me wonder what it would take to get my own body a bit more muscular-did they do hours of workouts? He looks good and proud. Congratulations and I am glad he is home.

    1. I suspect he went through the bars, feet first, and pulled his chest through. But as I couldn't budge the bars with my hands, I wasn't going to tempt pulling his chest through (the other way) if it meant the bars might affect his breathing.

      Funny story about the motorcycle helmet. Those things are heavy and even hard for adults to take off. Glad he found his way out of it. :)

      It's funny, he did less workouts, per day, than he was already doing at home. But they were intense workouts when they did them. Plus, they had restricted meal times and dessert was removed until they got certain drills right as a group. So in 5 weeks, he recalls only getting 2 desserts.

      Needless to say, I wouldn't have lasted the distance, lol.


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