Saturday, March 24, 2018

Organic reshuffle

I shut down my vegetable patch, during the worst of the heat: but with the cool of autumn recently (sweet mercy!) it drew me back into the garden again. All to see what I could achieve, with what survived. I call it pottering around the garden, with no set agenda.

 Hugelkultur bed (1)

After much lallygagging, I noticed some failed experiments, could easily be reconstituted with the resources left behind. The stack of sugarcane mulch I piled around my potatoes, for example. It wasn't doing much, since harvesting the meager crop. Somewhat like another failed potato experiment, below...

What to do?

This terracotta pot, was filled to the brim with sugarcane mulch too. But it wasn't growing any potatoes now - just breaking down into a soggy mess. I had plans for all that mulch, to avoid purchasing more.


Another resource, I noticed was going to waste, was the old compost in the wicking boxes. They were shelved for taking down, and replacing with another hugelkultur bed - as they seem to do marginally better.

All these misplaced resources, were going to help address some shortfalls, in another hugelkultur bed.

Repaired, for an autumn garden
~ early March 

Hugelkultur bed (3) was only built last winter, so it had some settling to do over the growing season. As I pottered around that particular bed, recently, I noticed a few sunken pockets of soil. They could easily be filled with the old compost, from the failed wicking boxes.

Then I re-mulched, with the spent sugarcane from the potato experiments. Above, is what it looked like, in early March. This is what it looks like now, at the end of the same month...

Late March

The herbs I cut-back, regrew quickly. I also transplanted some herbs, that weren't doing so well, in other hugelkultur beds. Then I planted some pumpkin seeds, saved from a mini pumpkin, purchased at the farmer's market. The fact they're so small, should see me harvest something before the cool of winter arrives, in earnest. Fingers crossed.

I also planted other seeds saved, rather than have them go to waste in the cupboard. I haven't spent any extra money. See what lallygagging in the garden, gets you?

Then there was the terracotta pot...I had plans to make-over, as well.


I planted some Lacy Lady peas, in the newly filled pot. I also cut down some long, thornless, banksia rose, canes - intruding on a walkway. They would make suitable posts, to support the peas as they grow.

 Bringing it all together

I tied the canes together, with some old bale, twine. Then several weeks later, this happened...


Some peas emerged, to embellish the bottom of the tepee. I don't know how successful my organic reshuffle, will be. All I know is, I reused some resources that weren't doing much else. Failed experiments, are nature's own organic reshuffle too. All with the intended purpose, of growing new things.

I'd like to think, my pottering around the garden, will lead to some edible food. Maybe I did some good? I don't know. Time will tell. That's what prevailing conditions will decide, ultimately. I have to throw my hat into the ring, however, to find out.

I won't be growing anything, next summer, however. It seems to be the season of barbecued greens! Even under the shade.


  1. Love the word "lallygagging", Chris. Might start using that one when I'm pottering around the garden. Autumn always brings me fresh enthusiasm for the garden after the heat of Summer it's nice to put something in the soil and feel confident it won't be roasted by the sun. Great that you could shuffle resources around and hopefully those edibles will grow well and provide you with a harvest. Meg:)

    1. Yes, a far more interesting word than, "dallying" around the garden. I inevitably find something meaningful to do, after a bit of lallygagging too. If I go out there to work, it feels overwhelming, lol. ;)

  2. It always amazes me how a little bit of work can have such wonderful rewards. Sometimes when we say a 'little' bit of work, it is actually a lot of work. Looks like you are going to have some lovely results for your efforts.

    1. Indeed, the tip of the iceberg can be deceiving! Isn't that always the way though? I hope something edible comes of my efforts, too. Thanks. :)


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