Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy at work

I've been busy around the house of late. I decided to spend a few days off the computer to catch up with neglected areas and tasks. It's been great ploughing into the work, but hectic too. My patience has been exercised a little: which isn't my favourite pursuit in the world, LOL.

At the moment, all my tasks piggy-back one another. So one little job can hold-up a raft of others. That's where my patience is required - and a truck load of persistence I may add, too! It can be difficult spending an entire day, just getting one job completed, and then realising multiple half-done jobs are still waiting for your attention.

It's like watching a pot boil, I know, it's not going to happen. Still, I must persist - work, toil, work...find my happy place...did I mention work? I guess someone's got to do it, LOL.

These rocks remind me of my head sometimes, but they're also one of the gardening projects we can tackle in the heat. It's a very small area to work in, so results happen quickly. I originally purchased plants for the front retaining wall which were beginning to look poorly. With the wall not being anywhere near ready for plants yet, I had to improvise. This patch of garden was the likely candidate.

But I'll have to leave the rest of that story (and project) for another day. Did I mention it's 2am in the morning?!!?

Ah's perfect. ;)

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