Friday, November 14, 2014

New blog

Just to confuse you about my "final" post, I have one more to share.

I've set up a new blogging home, about moving at, Small Virtues.

That's where I'll be for now. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The final post

I'm about a month shy of blogging here, for seven years. There have been some fun times for sure, and some scary times too, but all of it was about real life. So it is no small matter to announce I will be closing my blog down. This isn't a flippant decision, but something I have been mulling over for a few weeks.

After a series of events (I won't call them unfortunate, because its just life happening) but we have decided to relocate closer to the city.

I thought about keeping the blog open, just to share ordinary life, but not only does that seem disingenuous about the new path we're taking, but it will also divert valuable time needed to dedicate to the mammoth task of moving.

Moving from acreage, is no small feat. There are no regrets from our perspective though - not about coming here, nor about leaving. There will be sadness for the things we will be leaving behind (retaining walls and swales, built completely by hand, and the native wildlife too) but if it were possible to stay, we would.

Now is the time to look forward and plan a new direction for our family. 

As needs must.

So thank you for reading over the years, as we ambled through our new learning curve of living on acreage. We will be taking all those valuable lessons back to the suburbs with us, and something we look forward to duplicating on a smaller scale. Our experience here has changed us irrevocably.

I will be opening another blog at a later date, once we get settled. That could take a year or so, depending when we move. I will be shutting this blog down in December, but will still visit all my favourite blogs, to catch-up with your life adventures.

So it is a very fond farewell, from us here at Gully Grove.

 Our family May 2014

Thank you for visiting for long as you have, and may your days be filled with laughter, good food, and great company.