Friday, August 30, 2013

I wonder...

...if babies dream, what do they dream about? It must be wonderful, as Peter dreams a lot and even laughs in his sleep. This picture was taken not long before he developed a stomach bug, which his sister shared unintentionally. I have been covered in poop, vomit and preparing meals fit for sensitive tummies for several days now. Of all weeks for the washing machine to die, it had to be on the day we had a lot of mess to clean up too.

I managed to fix the washing machine, but not before creating another dandy wet mess, all over the laundry floor. Believe it or not though, I don't feel bad about it all. I don't feel life owed me anything special this week - as if it ever owes me anything.

We got through it as we so often do, together. Which is something worth smiling about, I reckon.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knit tip for cloths

It's time to start knitting dishcloths again. The ones I've had for several years are beginning to develop holes. One thing I discovered recently, which I didn't know before...

If you have a favourite dishcloth pattern, requiring 8 ply cotton but can only source 4 ply, simply knit from two separate balls. I'm happy to report this worked a treat for me recently. I had no problems unraveling the two balls at the same time and the needles never caught on the separate threads.

I worked a neutral colour and variegated, to give me a light coloured dishcloth. This combination will easily hide any stains it may develop while in use. What I appreciate most about this waffle knit dishcloth pattern, is that it creates a flexible cloth, but also holds its shape once wet. If you have a favourite dishcloth pattern, stick with it!

One down already, just a few more cloths to go...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Message sticks

As I was reading other people's blogs today, within the fleeting moments I had available, I pondered my own blog and what I could possibly write about. I had several things I could have written, however a lack of time seems to always get the best of me. Then something unexpected landed in my lap...

Afternoon tea

Today, Sarah asked if I wanted something to eat after she came home from school. I said I wasn't feeling very hungry, but she was welcome to make herself something. To my surprise, she brought me the plate to show off her little creation. I thought it was beautiful and made with no input from me either. She has never made these before. I simply had to taste one now.


While I don't have much time to myself nowadays, I am happy to show what others in my family are getting up to. And darn it...but doesn't it inspire me. My little girl is growing up and showing me fruit on a stick, can say I'm capable and creative all by myself.