Tuesday, February 27, 2018


It has been a month since my last post, but it was to be expected. As I had immersed myself in a paid, online art course, for a whole month. It finally concluded. Simultaneously however, there was another big change we had to adjust to, as a family.

A big day for Peter, arrived. Somewhat like...

 His first day, coming home to the bush...

His first day, as a super hero...

To finally, his first day of school!

Yes, he started school this year! Oh my. Big changes. I wasn't going to embarrass him today though (or his big sister) by dragging out the camera, to immortalise his first day on the school bus. I'm a little nervous for him, because the bus and getting to school, is a huge responsibility. It's no small feat.

Living where we do in the bush, the bus has to come early. Everyone out the door, by 7am! His bus arrives at school, an hour and a half, before school starts. There's a time, they must sit in a supervised area, and a time they go and play. 

I'm a little nervous, because he has to remember to put his bag, outside his classroom, before he goes and plays. The rest of his day - from getting his lunch to finding his library bag to return his book, hinges on him putting it in the right place. I've been showing him for the past month where it is, and he still gets a little confused. Today, is the deep end of the pool though.

Yikes, it's hard, letting these little ones, go. Growing up is automatic! Ensuring they can find their way, is what pulls at the heartstrings. I look forward to hearing about his day, when dad brings him home, this afternoon!

In the meantime, there's plenty to keep me busy - outside and inside. I look forward to blogging a little more regularly, again.