Friday, October 26, 2012

Caught in a moment

Has it been so long? Yes, it has. What has happened to the person who would blog about every little thing we did? I'm still here, but several things have changed. Don't know how to explain it without releasing a novel, so point form seems best:

- Projects are stalling due to funds and time available
- With the warmer weather approaching, I tend to stay inside a lot more
- Researching mini projects at the moment, but not much to write about
- I've taken a vow not to mention "ideas" until I'm well into implementing
- Since I'm pregnant now (surprise) many of our plans are changing

Without going into all the details, life has basically been turned on it's head and often when that happens, I find it better to repose. I gather more information and meditate on it slowly. It's difficult to write about, because it's still so up in the air. How can you talk about stuff you're still mulling over and may not even happen?

It's quite possibly the pregnancy hormones talking, or the plain and simple fact I've evolved since starting this blog. I don't know how to write about who I'm becoming, or where we are heading. Life in so many ways, feels amazing. Yet dreams are having to change which is sad. But good. Just kind of sad too.

If I sound conflicted, it's because I'm going through the process of deciding what matters. That's not easy. With no deadline to meet either,  it could take a while. I hope that makes sense?

Rather than continue the long run of silence, I thought to briefly outline our present reality. That's all I have to share, but thanks for taking the time to read.

Are you caught in a moment too?