Thursday, May 31, 2018

Smash repairs

I was glad to hear back from our Smash repairer, about fixing David's car, after the hit and run incident, at Grand Central recently. While he was in the shopping complex, someone ran up the side of his vehicle, and left no contact information behind. The damage they did, was not small...

The Smash repairer, verified my personal estimation. Only a van could do that kind of extensive scratching, to the driver's side door. Smaller vehicles, with protruding bumper bars, have a smaller damage area. You can increase the image size, by clicking on it, to see how wide the damaged area spans.

We did a temporary repair on the side mirror, with black gaff-tape. Otherwise it was hanging down, and couldn't be used. Fortunately, the electrical wires to the mirror, still worked. So David could re-angle it and continue to drive the car safely.

It was the hanging mirror which made me believe, it wasn't just any van - but a courier of some variety. They were leaving in a hurry. When you're backing out slowly from a car space, you feel the impact and stop yourself from going any further. But this was a fast impact, with enough force to snap the casing, holding the mirror in place.

Anyway, David's car goes into the shop next week, and we can put it all behind us.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Drylands strategies permaculture

I wanted to share a small Youtube channel I've been following, for a while. They originally came up on my feed, when I searched for permaculture videos. I was excited to note they were based in Australia (WA) so would have similar hot and dry conditions, during summer, as us.


I invite you to subscribe to their channel, and share the play list to those you think, would benefit from the information. Enjoy watching a property in WA, develop, according to permaculture principles.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Off, with a bang!

The May, birthday parties for our children, have come and gone. But not without their respective dramas. David had his car damaged, while parking at Grand Central in Toowoomba - a major shopping complex. It was a hit and run, that had the paint scraped on his car door, and the mirror dangling.

It happened the day before Peter's birthday too. David was collecting last minute party supplies. It's going to be an expensive birthday, after paying the $600 excess on our car insurance. But it wasn't going to ruin our day, because cars are just things. Money comes and goes. Parties however, are about making lasting memories. Those were the important things, to invest our thoughts and feelings into.

So what of the amigurumi present, I was fervently crocheting, for his big day...

Hurry up Luigi, get dressed!

Thanks to this clever crochet pattern, I made Mario, in about a week. I had a bunch of other stuff to do, in between. So Mario patiently awaited the arrival of his brother Luigi. Thankfully, it only took about 3 days to make him. Because who can resit the Mario brothers, right?

Two men & an egg!

Not long after Luigi was finished, I had my sights set on making a Yoshi egg. Apologies to those unfamiliar, with the Mario Brothers franchise. This will all sound like gobbledygook! But strangely enough, Yoshi is a dinosaur (a happy go lucky guy) who has this ability to devour his friends and enemies, and turn them into eggs.

Normally, it's Mario's job to avoid Yoshi in the various platform games, but in this case, they make excellent babysitters! So why would Yoshi want to eat them?

The Mario gang

Luckily, the Mario Brothers, were almost the same size as Yoshi - who was an official Merchandise plushie, Peter got from his uncle, several birthday's ago. How were the amigurumi plushies, received? Well, Peter takes them to bed every night, they get up every morning and eat breakfast with him. He calls them his best friends, and even talks with them.

I was hoping he'd like them, but I was amazed how MUCH he does! Which makes the amount of time I put into them, extremely worthwhile. We seriously could have saved us some money, avoiding the other toys we purchased. They have barely had a look in.

I had a lot of fun, making the Mario brothers, too. I could easily become addicted to making amigurumi. But more than that, it was really nice to be able to give my son, something I made with my hands.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Ma-Ma Mia

Just a sneak-peek, at what I've been up to lately. A bit of wool, a crochet hook and some free patterns, made by some very clever people...

From head to toe

...and I have the makings of a wee birthday present - Amigurumi style. As if one was not enough, however, I had to go and make two! A pair of pixelated brothers. Can you guess who they are?

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May mornings & mulberries

May is always a busy time of year for us. Both our kids have their birthdays. That's why I've been quiet on my blog, lately. Otherwise, ferreting my little surprises away, and making gifts all round. But I wanted to take time, this morning, to write. As I was inspired by a few things.

Like...the sun dipping underneath our verandah, as it always does, this time of year. May. The last month of autumn. When the morning sun comes in like this, I know winter is not far away. Maybe I needed the reminder, because I've been so busy otherwise.

I tip my hat to the tea-cups, sunlight and the lull of a May morning. Yes, I see you there, and; appreciate the reminder.

I also noticed, on my way to feeding the chickens, the last vestiges of the rain that fell, all day yesterday, and overnight. The thick droplets clung to the foliage, like the shiny treasures they are. Our parched ground, so needed their company.

After feeding the chickens, I wandered down to the birdbath, at the bottom of the gully. And on my way, heard a succession of those droplets, like a chorus of wee Christmas bells, falling to the ground. I tried to dodge the low hanging branches, to avoid wetting my camera. As there was something, I wanted to share with you all.


Our bird bath, is a tithe to the animals and landscape, for sharing their space with us. We always keep it full. Do you see the wonderful treasure, which has planted itself, nearby? A wee, mulberry seedling.

A kurrawong, or brush turkey, was responsible perhaps? Taking a drink and having a splash about, after dining on our mulberries in Spring. The moist ground, combined with rich manure and fermented seed, made a little miracle for me to be in awe of.

I will keep the delightful treasure, and as it grows - the mulberry will eventually dwarf the birdbath. May mornings, and mulberries. Thank you for reminding me, things will always happen at their appointed time. No matter how busy, or stressed, I get.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Meaningful exchanges.

The cooler weather has settled in, recently. Although the daytime temps are still nearing the high 20's (Celsius). This particular change in season, can only mean one thing. The return of the retaining wall project...

Setting up

We were fortunate recently, to remove some volcanic rock, from a local Toowoombarite's yard (hello, Amy). They needed them gone, and we needed rocks. It was the perfect arrangement. We have them roughly stacked for storage, so this is not their final resting place.

David took out a dead, acacia (black wattle) with nothing more than an axe, and some grunt. It had to happen, before we started laying rocks. So now we're ready to get back to work on the wall again. Slow and steady, will get us there.

I was thrilled to receive an invite, to collect the rocks. Because I get to share a part of someone's yard, and they get to share, part of our wall.  I also shared some of my sourdough starter, Griffin, so even our kitchens' have a special affiliation. Thank you Amy (and husband) for thinking of us.