Thursday, May 31, 2018

Smash repairs

I was glad to hear back from our Smash repairer, about fixing David's car, after the hit and run incident, at Grand Central recently. While he was in the shopping complex, someone ran up the side of his vehicle, and left no contact information behind. The damage they did, was not small...

The Smash repairer, verified my personal estimation. Only a van could do that kind of extensive scratching, to the driver's side door. Smaller vehicles, with protruding bumper bars, have a smaller damage area. You can increase the image size, by clicking on it, to see how wide the damaged area spans.

We did a temporary repair on the side mirror, with black gaff-tape. Otherwise it was hanging down, and couldn't be used. Fortunately, the electrical wires to the mirror, still worked. So David could re-angle it and continue to drive the car safely.

It was the hanging mirror which made me believe, it wasn't just any van - but a courier of some variety. They were leaving in a hurry. When you're backing out slowly from a car space, you feel the impact and stop yourself from going any further. But this was a fast impact, with enough force to snap the casing, holding the mirror in place.

Anyway, David's car goes into the shop next week, and we can put it all behind us.  


  1. Chris what a shame GC doesn't have more cameras. That surprises me and I thought they would have more for safety reasons not just at the entrance and exit. I think the big shopping centres in Brisbane do. Too bad if anyone gets mugged going to their car.

  2. It's a shame that whoever did the damage didn't come forward and at least talk to David about it. Scrapes and bumps like that aren't cheap to fix, good job with the tape on the mirror. Meg

  3. Thanks Meg and Chel. It is a shame how it came to be. Accidents happen, but it's more decent, to own up to them. It creates trust in your fellow man. :)


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