Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sweden's controversial COVID-19 approach

Someone is finally saying, what I have been thinking all along. Trust Sweden to make rational decisions. Not the political hot-potato, countries try to juggle, so no-one gets burned. We have to face the reality that deaths WILL come of this pandemic, but what is the long-term cost of trying to hold off facing the toll? Dr Bjorn Lomborg, Danish Political Scientist, is starting the discussion, no-one wants to hear - but inevitably, society will have to face. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Patterns in nature

Aloe vera, currently in flower

While contemplating my recent series on developing healthy immunity, the pandemic was not far from my mind. Just as I had to learn what diabetes was, and why it effected me, I would cast the same discernment over the current strain of coronavirus. It's the only way to understand what exactly, we're dealing with. What I have learned, isn't really discussed in the mainstream.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

'Miracle' tree

Just above net, when first planted

Happy Easter! And what an apt time to write about the Miracle tree. Or Moringa oleifera. I've been on the hunt for this tree, for a while. As I'd often heard it referred to, as the "Miracle" tree. Why would it be called that? Well, first I had to track one down! It proved to be difficult to find in my area, although many backyard nurseries were selling it on the Sunshine Coast. I eventually found a seed supplier, and was excited when several of them germinated. Unfortunately the two-year drought hit, and all died in my shade-house, except one! The tree you see above.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rest & reset

Feet up in the lounge room

I've come to the final piece of the puzzle, to amend a compromised immune system. I've discussed food, mood and movement already. It all connects to the gut microbiota, to the brain and finally to the immune system response. It's a very basic overview. The ecosystem of our body, has a lot more layers of complexity. Yet it's enough to grasp the interaction, required for the most efficient biological systems. And how we can play our part developing them. Now all there is left to address, is rest.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Moving your moods

"Thinker" on the mantel

Thanks to those who shared their experiences, in the comments section of my post about probiotic foods, and strategies for building healthy immunity. I especially liked the sound of Meg's, pro/prebiotic potato salad, because it contains apple-cider vinegar. I forgot to mention, apple-cider vinegar is another great, and easily accessible fermented food. It's something I've made in the past, and should do more of.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Learning & laughter

Approx 25 minutes

While writing posts on improving immunity, I wanted to share some valuable advice from other trusted sources. There's an interview with Sally Fallon, who works closely with the Western A Price Foundation. She speaks about the coronavirus and how we can deal with it, through food. It was refreshing to see some common sense used, instead of confusion around the coronavirus. There are some lessons to take from past pandemics.