Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sweden's controversial COVID-19 approach

Someone is finally saying, what I have been thinking all along. Trust Sweden to make rational decisions. Not the political hot-potato, countries try to juggle, so no-one gets burned. We have to face the reality that deaths WILL come of this pandemic, but what is the long-term cost of trying to hold off facing the toll? Dr Bjorn Lomborg, Danish Political Scientist, is starting the discussion, no-one wants to hear - but inevitably, society will have to face. 

A little disclaimer here: I have no desire to see people die. I simply appreciate the kind of thinking, which analyses a systemic approach - and its ramifications Not the fantasy of what we would like to happen by amputating limbs, in a body we don't know where the gangrene is spreading, or likely to spread. There is a cost to every amputation, society is going to have to face.


  1. I don't have a lot of time for Lomborg, I'm afraid, because of his climate change skepticism. I posted this interview on my Facebook page which is one of the best I've seen:

    I have more respect for the views of an epidemiologist than those of a so-called political scientist. There is nothing about politics that is remotely scientific.

    1. Great resource Bev. Thanks for linking to it. I couldn't agree more with what was written in the article. Especially when Knut Wittkowski said, "With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is heard immunity." Someone with a science degree, actually said it. The common cold and the flu, have never been curable. Vaccines only force any strain of virus to mutate into something more challenging to cure, next go round.

      As for Lomborg, I haven't seen his views expressed on anything but this recent pandemic. Although I might look up his views on climate change. As I'm curious to see how he interprets policy in that arena. I had to look this up for myself (to be certain) but apparently a political scientist actually studies politics (not science). It's a confusing title, considering there's no scientific formula involved in studying politics. If anything, the ideologies involved in formulating policy, are more subjective in nature, than objective.

      But that's the kind of whacky world we live in, Bev, lol. ;) Not implying there's anything wrong with a political science degree, but the terminology is a little perplexing. :)

  2. Yes I heard this recently. It seems a radical very pragmatic approach. Australia's approach is scary. The trillions the Government is spending to provide economic relief is scary when one considers that we can't afford this money. It is probably all borrowed from the (IMF) International Monetary Fund, so we are more in debt than ever. At the end of all this the economy could collapse. Whereas in Sweden the economy will function as normal. They accept there will be deaths. Scary though if that is your family and loved ones!! But yes I can see the merit in their approach. But how many people will it take? Does the pandemic finally die down and leave? I'd like to hear what medical people say about this. There on't be a problem with unemployment either in Sweden because with so many deaths, there will always be someone to take that job etc.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Robyn. I've been educating my kids at home, since the lock-down. I've been doing lots of research relating to current studies too. Those which have taken the time to substantiate their findings, actually match the stats coming out of Sweden's approach. The Virus is not spreading in households where a member has it (ie: close contact) but it's spreading like wildfire through community contact.

      The conclusions are most likely the virus is going to be with society permanently, like influenza, with seasonal flare-ups. So a different approach needs to be taken, to manage this virus in the long term. Here's a link to an interview about that study, for full context.


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