Blog ethos

This page is just to let you know how we do things around here. Blogging is an important way to record our development - both as a family and as a property. While our blog has been going since 2007, and we've completed a lot of big projects since then - we will now be moving at a slower pace in future posts.

We've thrown oursleves into this new way of living and reaped some incredible rewards, but there has to be a limit to how much you throw yourself into something. Our beautiful daughter is growing up, and her needs are taking a lot of our time away. With the addition of a baby boy to our family in 2013 as well, much of our property endeavours have had to take a step down in priorities.

We will still be working on Gully Grove, as time and money allows, but you won't see us borrowing large sums of money any more, to get things done quickly. That part of our lives is over.

So you will have to be patient, like we are, to see the bigger picture evolve over a longer period of time. I know you will be patient, but we feel we have to set the record straight. After all, our original blog began at a time when our daughter was younger, our zeal and borrowing capacity seemed limitless too. Now that has changed, we want to prepare people for the long, slow decent in to the contentment of our life.

One step at a time, one season at a time...

We will do our best to share what we can, but please don't be surprised by any gaps in our posting. When life allows, we will catch up again. I know you understand, because I'm sure you feel the same way at times too.