Our mission

We must be pretty committed, when we start writing mission statements about where we live. So this is ours, for Gully Grove:

"To develop and support natural systems. For a surplus of carbon to be secured in our soils, every year. Integrate our man-made systems, so they compliment the natural ones. Ensuring a balanced equity, for life and livelihood, to all those who cross our soil."

A little short perhaps, but makes it simple enough to remember - more importantly though, to follow. Here's an even shorter version, from the bold extract...

"Natural systems...every year...compliment...soil."

This has certainly been our experience after ten years, noticing how nature works best. 


  1. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via e-mail? Your blog is great!

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog, and for your kind feedback. I'm not quite sure how the email system works, but I've added the widget to my menu, on the right. We'll learn how it works together.

      If you encounter any problems, let me know. :)


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