"Baking days", is the only label to find ALL my different recipes. But sifting through a decades worth of posts, can be time consuming. Who needs that? So look under the different categories on this page, to narrow down your search.

Biscuits - cookies in the US

Almond-coconut macaroons Gluten free
Bitter-sweet kisses
Bonza biscuits
Choc-chip Gluten free
Shortbread Gluten free

Cakes & slices

Beetroot teacake  Gluten free
Date & walnut loaf 
Energy bars Gluten free
Raspberry & coconut slice 

Hot meals

Beef strip salad Gluten free
Spring rolls Gluten free

Pastry, Pancakes & Pies

Pancakes Gluten free
Pastry shells (small)
Pumpkin pie


Fruit chutney  Gluten free
Lemon Butter  Gluten free
Mock maple syrup Gluten free
Sweet-chilli jam Gluten free


Sourdough page for the recipes and process

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