Friday, August 16, 2013

Message sticks

As I was reading other people's blogs today, within the fleeting moments I had available, I pondered my own blog and what I could possibly write about. I had several things I could have written, however a lack of time seems to always get the best of me. Then something unexpected landed in my lap...

Afternoon tea

Today, Sarah asked if I wanted something to eat after she came home from school. I said I wasn't feeling very hungry, but she was welcome to make herself something. To my surprise, she brought me the plate to show off her little creation. I thought it was beautiful and made with no input from me either. She has never made these before. I simply had to taste one now.


While I don't have much time to myself nowadays, I am happy to show what others in my family are getting up to. And darn it...but doesn't it inspire me. My little girl is growing up and showing me fruit on a stick, can say I'm capable and creative all by myself.


  1. Very sweet and delicious looking. Can you tell her parents are chefs? lol.
    I know she is growing fast right under your nose but so precious that she is such a considerate and lovely child.

  2. Thank you. :)

    Sarah has really come into her own since her brother arrived. She's more conscious of what she's doing, so she can either help me out, or looking for where she can help her brother. I still do the lion's share of work, but I'm eternally grateful I don't have to ask her to pitch in. I'm a very lucky mum.

  3. I guess she's coming of age then:) its a good thing but you have to take credit here-you taught her to be more independent and she is showing you that you are a good teacher.


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