Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I didn't mention...

It was my birthday recently. Thirty nine already - have I lived for nearly four decades? I guess the years crept up while busying myself with relationships and gardening. What a ball I have had though!

He thinks he knows me after 15 years

On my birthday, David bought me the perfect gift. I never expect gifts or cake on my birthday. And for the love of God, please don't throw me a surprise party! Every year however, David manages to find the perfect gift I can live with. I like simple designs, beautiful ones but most importantly, it has to be practical.

Click to enlarge

This pot holder is made out of rosewood by a local crafts-person, purchased from a shop supporting local crafts-people. Whoever made this pot holder (Arnold Lee) knew exactly what he was doing. It's not too heavy or too light. Neither is it enormous or minuscule. As Goldie Locks would say, it's "just right".

My favourite part of course, is the chicken motif - it really fits my kitchen and taste. While I'm not an avid collector of chicken memorabilia, I do like them dotted around the house.

Did I say I wasn't collecting?

I found this chicken embossed pendulum clock (that's a mouthful) at a local cheapie store, a few years back now. I don't normally patronise cheapie stores any more, as nearly all of their contents are imported from China. But this clock was displayed outside - and as I walked past, I knew it was destined to hang on my wall.

A theme is definitely emerging

I have a chicken egg timer too, which is broken now but I cannot bring myself to throw it away. I tried fixing it because it would stick every now and then (woefully inaccurate) but I ended up wrecking it even more! It stays in my kitchen as a reminder, not to mess with things with springs in them just because I own a set of screwdrivers. Some things should just not be opened! Let it not be said that while living at Gully Grove, I failed to open up a chicken. The clockwork insides were just as horrific.

Cream of chicken

These two cuties were hand made too. I crocheted the one in the creamer and my daughter made the fabric chickadee by hand. Her own design and everything. These chicks pop up everywhere in the house, especially after our cat, Muesli, finds them and takes them on an adventure in her mouth. They're currently recuperating in the China cabinet, well out of paw reach!

So I guess that makes two things I forgot to mention - how it was my birthday recently, and how I guess I do qualify for collecting chicken memorabilia after all. Not surprising it?


  1. I collect chicken stuff, too. Never used to. It must be something about owning real chickens. Hope you had a happy birthday.

  2. I think you're spot on there! Once you keep chickens, you have to bring something of their characters into the home - without their little white calling cards, LOL.

  3. Happy Birthday. I also just had one. The chicken timer is so awesome! I wouldn't throw it out either. In general I don't really collect anything. Your collection is small enough to be impressive though. I hate when everything in the house is themed around one thing.

  4. I've known people who collect frog memorabilia and those who collect cow memorabilia, and it was always weird visiting their homes. Not saying it was a bad thing, just strange to encounter at first, lol.

    Nice to see you again, and I bet you're just as busy as I am. Summer is coming to a close for you now and spring is - well, it's already here for us, even if the calendar doesn't agree.

    By the way, happy birthday for you too. :)

  5. A friends mom used to go the dollar shops and buy these awful plaques-fruit for the kitchen and fish for the bathroom, flowers for the bedroom...whatever. The problem was they meant nothing to her but she had to plaster every nook and cranny with these things! It was so funny but nauseating at the same time. My friend had to warn people to not laugh when they came over.


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