Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We broke open some of our homegrown bananas this morning, only to have our cat, Muesli, sneak a sample. Banana skin - yuck!

 Brave kitty

Don't worry Muesli, the fruit inside didn't taste that much better. It was just a little too premature. I loved the texture and smell of the flesh, but it needed a few more days to ripen. Thankfully we have a large stem of bananas to get this taste testing right!


  1. It does look delicious. Sorry it wasn't quite yet.

  2. LOL. My Riley loves cantaloupe. My goats love bananas!

  3. Hi LindaM, I forgot to reply! So sorry. I have to do an update on the bananas, but only when time is on my side again, LOL. I will report on the flavour development then.

    Hi Leigh, a cat that loves cantaloupe - now that's funny! The life of Riley, hey? ;) I never would have picked goats for banana lovers, but then they do have a knack for eating different things.


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