Monday, April 23, 2012


I am back on-line from what seemed like an impossible month. I won't go into all the details because that part's really boring. Let's just go straight to the fun stuff, shall we? Here we go...Geronimo!

DAY 1: When your husband starts packing a sonic screw-driver and a TARDIS for the weekend, you just know he's bound to run into some trouble.

DAY 2: Seems you can't go parking a TARDIS any where on the Gold Coast, without a posse of villainy tagging along. Weeping Angels just want to feed on the cosmic energy, and the Cat Nurses from New New-York, think they are the Doctors...

Zombie Scarecrows - well, how many villains can pull off a Hessian sack nowadays, I ask you? Looking good Zombie. Get in line though, the Doctor's that-a-way --->

His best bow-legged impersonation of the 11th doctor (ahem, I mean, of himself) trying to sort a Darlek, which threatened to exterminate anyone for taking any MORE pictures with it. The Doctor's plan was to confuse it with flashing lights, and his trusty sonic screwdriver. It's literally star struck and unable to move!

 LOOK! What's that? I'll remember any minute now.  It's right on the tip of my tongue. Give me a sec - (SILENCE)....

Where was I? Maybe it was checking out this elusive pack of Gallifreyans. Normally timid, this almost extinct species known as "Time Lords", have gathered together to renounce the power of the Leader of the Council. In the striking red scarf we have the formidable Tom Baker (4th Doctor) the glasses, the irrepressible 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and donning the bow tie, Matt Smith, our current Doctor to date. Tom Baker steals all the attention however, because I think the Leader of the Council approves of his taste in colour.

Another vote of approval, for the Doctor with the scarf! Start them young, I say. As a grown man, he'll have all this costume shenanigans to look forward to. Geronimo!

Of course, you cannot have a convention without a Storm Trooper steeling the show with Bobba Fett. Confusing this Dalek with an R2D2 unit, they interrogated it about the whereabouts of the nearest facility. They already tried the Police Box, but it was bigger on the inside. They had to turn back once they found the swimming pool.

Does this Sith apprentice look really ticked, or what? Maybe he was expecting a real light-sabre, instead of one made in China?

The Doctor is really letting his standard of non-violence go, if this is who he's taking on board as his next assistant! You'd have thought he'd learned from the Time Wars, now he wants to involve Star Wars? Just kidding Darth, really, love ya work babe! Stop in for some Jammy Dodgers any time...

I guess you know everything in the universe will be okay, when Yoshimo and Princess Peach are on the scene though. How cute are these guys? Awwh, used to be my favourite character to play Mario Carts on the Nintendo Wii.

But then I started to question what kind of dragon you really were, after my husband told me your hand came close to his butt in this photo! Maybe it was difficult to see with all those lights and you were a champ for taking so many photos with people. How you didn't managed to keel over from heat stroke, I don't know. All the same, I may consider Mario to be my new favourite cart racer now. Because I think his red cars go faster and my husband's butt is a very sacred thing.

Sounds like we need an Avenger. Where is a Tony Stark: Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, when you need one. AVENGERS, assemble...

Iron Man (above) and Black Widow with MISS Captain America (below) too. A lovely representation - I love how she stands with the shield, just like the "Cap" does.

Now down to the business end of why so many great enthusiasts found their way to one place on the Gold Coast over the weekend.  Supanova! Big convention, lots of things to see, and this is why Dave found his way there:

He had a display and table for the Doctor who Club of Australia, which has been the first one for the club on the Gold Coast. The guy in our local group who made the TARDIS, kindly brought it down for the two days. The Dalek was someone else's creation who came on Day 1, and after seeing the TARDIS, asked if they could bring it on Day 2. Boy was everyone thrilled they did. It was a terrific surprise to have two iconic Dr Who life-sized props to play with. Dave was told there was a huge "Doctor Who" sized gap on the Gold Coast convention, but this year, thanks to this man...

My own life sized action hero!

Yes, the Toowoomba Avenger himself, and all round Doctor Who enthusiast - plus these wonderful volunteers below, from our Toowoomba local group, who kept Dave sane...Ben is missing - hiya Benjamin...Geoff (TARDIS maker) and Steve, thanks as well.

They all made it possible to share some of that weirdness, dare I say, the "Shenanigans" which is the Doctor Who universe. I didn't go - long story, but I'm glad he could make it with some really lovely people.  And just because I can...

This is my favourite picture - a Weeping Angel. Complete with red eyes from the camera. It's one of those shots you WANT the red eyes to appear! Nice to see the Angel didn't blink!


  1. Looks like they had a blast. Your Dve is a bit of a ham perhaps? lol!

  2. Oh, yes, ham is his favourite meal of the day. ;) But I think everyone had a bit of ham going on that day, LOL.


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