Friday, September 13, 2013

Spring time and spiders!

I knew spring would be here, when it was time for our new baby to don his Spiderman suite. David is an avid Marvel Comics fan, and purchased this suit on special, long before Peter was born.

It has been waiting patiently in the cupboard and finally the weather has warmed enough to bring it out!

This is the kind of spider I like to have around the house.


  1. Oh My! So adorable. B. had a Spiderman suit from a Halloween costume that he refused to take off for days on end. He leant it to a friend on a very shrewd trade and that boy never took it off either. I don't even know what ever happened to it. My point-prepare thyself woman-to be saved over and over again-by Spidey. Or whatever.
    Its wonderful to have boys. (And girls of course)>

  2. I never thought he might try and rescue me, lol, something to look forward to when he actually develops his Spidey senses. ;)

    Cute story about your costume Spidey adventure. Boys and comic book heros, husband *still* likes them.

    Reminds me of a comedy sketch I saw once, where a teenage boy was awkwardly dressed in his Harry Potter outfit. He says to his dad rather nervously: "I know this might come as a disappointment, but I think I'm too old to dress as Harry Potter. I'm going to stop."

    His father then says: "good son, your mother and I was starting to worry about you." Then the camera cuts to his dad sitting on the couch, dressed in his Batman outfit. Then the mum enters with a plate of snacks, dressed as Wonder Woman. Makes one laugh, lol.

  3. That's a funny skit. Lol. I love Spiderman but it's thanks to my kids. B. has not outgrown it yet either.


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