Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekend projects inside

It's been a while, since I've done a weekend project update. These are jobs which can reasonably be done in a weekend. The last time I updated, it was all about storage solutions for my kitchen. I promised to update what I did for the bathrooms at the time. I'm now fulfilling that promise, some eleven months later!

Personally, I love storage solutions which can be built using recyclable materials. However, not all spaces are created equal either. Sometimes, you have to purchase something which is designed to fit the limitations of the space. Such was the dilemma, in our small ensuite.

Former storage solution

Where to hang towel rails, when wall space is a premium? We managed to erect a permanent towel rail, above the toilet, which kept it high and dry. The second towel rail however, involved purchasing a free-standing unit, with lower shelf. While it successfully aired the towel enough to dry, it was awfully close to the floor too.

The free-standing unit, inevitably became a haven for dust bunnies, because it wasn't so easy to pull out of its nook, in such a confined space. I always thought the shower wall, would make a perfect spot for a second towel rail. But I wasn't thrilled at the idea of drilling through glass to install one! I eventually got my wish, without having to involve power tools.

New look

Getting the towel rail up higher, not only prevented the dust bunnies, but it also made the space much larger. Our free-standing towel rail, went into the adjoining bedroom instead, to air clothes worthy of another day's wear. We could also store our slippers on the lower shelf.

Holds well

What made this possible without drilling through the glass however, was a new product using strong, silicon suckers. Forget all the other products you've seen, which inevitably lose contact with the wall. These ones are designed to hold up to 15kg in weight. More than adequate for a slightly damp towel.

These towel rails are about 80cms long, which was perfect for this space. It serves ordinary bath towels well, but may not be suitable for the much larger bath sheets though.

Also in our ensuite, and the main bathroom, is a matter of counter space at the sink. This has been solved by moving the toothbrush console, into the cabinet, under the sink. This was from the same suction cup, product range.

Suction cup

Start by cleaning the surface, allowing it to dry, and then applying the suction cup, according to the instructions. These will be included in your product, but I'll show a video down the bottom too.

Cup holder

Next, sit the metal cup holder into the lip and gently pull down, until it clicks into place.

Final assembly

Then sit the plastic cup into the holder. Be sure to check where you position the product, that it allows the cupboard to open and close freely. Some bathroom cabinets, have an upper lip you have to take into consideration.

Ready to use

Then fill with your favourite toothbrushes and paste. We still store a lot of stuff on the bathroom sink, but getting the toothbrushes into the cabinet, also meant they were protected by a lot of things which naturally float around the bathroom. Think, stubble and random hairs.

There was also one more product I purchased, which I wanted to try out in the main bathroom.

Off the ground

The single toilet roll holder, is screwed into place, but the multiple holder, is our new addition. We've always kept extra toilet rolls at floor level, for some reason. Probably because it's where the major storage solutions, focus on keeping them.

If you're anything like me though, you hate having to move the extra toilet rolls out of the way, to sweep and mop. They inevitably collect dust bunnies on them too. I wanted a solution that would lift the toilet rolls off the ground, where all the dust seems to collect.

This new holder (also utilising he same suction cups) has been working really well, and I haven't regretted purchasing these various items for our bathrooms. It's been almost a year now. In the interests of DIY though, I also wanted to include some other solutions in this post, in case it may suit instead. Especially if it uses existing features.

If you want to use your existing toilet roll holder, you can make a pouch in this tutorial, or come up with something of your own design. The only thing you'd have to take into consideration, is your holder is long enough to accommodate a roll, plus the ribbon on either side.

Or visit this link, for some more ideas on toilet roll holders and extra storage.

Now for the video I promised. It's like an infomercial, so skip it, unless you're genuinely interested.

I purchased this particular Everloc range, online, from Lifespace, and I notice they have a sale on their limited quantities of large towel rails, right now. Just look under "Bathroom", and then, "Towel bars and racks". I'm not affiliated with the company, I just thought I'd mention the sale if anyone was interested.

Howards storage world, is also selling them online, slightly more expensively, but they seem to be advertising a 10% store wide discount too. You can also find them in-store at Target and Bunnings. Non affiliate recommendation too.

Is there a clever bathroom storage solution, you've had to come up with, for your particular space?


  1. No clever bathroom storage solutions here, Chris but you have found some. I like the way the toilet rolls are now off the ground. I will have a watch of that video too. Thanks for the info.

    1. The toilet rolls, off the ground, is a relatively new development for me too. It's much better than my former floor storage, via vertical, kitchen towel holder.

  2. OK - this answers my towel problem in our bathroom - I'm onto it!

    1. I hope you manage to buy them on sale. Much more satisfying that way. They also advertise they're a good solution for tenants renting, as you can take them with you and not cause any damage to existing features.

  3. Love to have clear floors to vacuum and mop! so satisfying. :)


    1. Absolutely. Can you imagine the hours you'd save in a lifetime of cleaning bathrooms, not having to remove things and put them back? ;)

  4. Great simple solutions Chris, it will be nice to have those little jobs ticked off :)

    1. They were completely about 11 months ago, but I didn't get around to posting. Either way though, it was great to have these spaces more organised. There's nothing worse than cleaning a tiny room, which you know could be organised better.

  5. I love the multiple toilet roll holder. It looks like it coukd really make a bathroom seem updated which is important to us. One bathroom we have is tiny and everything must stay off the floor so your solutions would be great there especially. I hope we have similar products here!

    1. I saw some Everloc products on Amazon, but I didn't see any toilet roll holders. I imagine there would be distributors of some variety in the US. I hope. I know what you mean about tiny bathrooms. That's our ensuite!


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