Monday, November 21, 2016

My name is...

At the sourdough workshop held on Saturday, I was asked the most befuddling question by NanaChel, of Going Grey and Slightly Green, fame. What was the name of my starter? I knew there was great tradition in naming sourdough starter, but I had never gotten around to naming mine.

Maybe it's because of all the years we've kept living things at our place, some of them are destined to die at some point. Chickens, guinea pigs, other beloved pets and many, many plants, all end up feeding the worms at some point. I even ended the life of my first sourdough starter, when I initially gave up eating gluten.

In the end however, I realised how much I hated buying bread for my family, and decided to make a new starter instead. A few years later, I would be multiplying it like crazy, and giving it out, at the Toowoomba Simple Living Group.

So now, it's fitting to bestow a name...I think.

This is "Griffin", the sourdough starter, from Gully Grove. I chose Griffin because the name origin, refers to fierce. And I hope Griffin will be as fierce in producing bread in your kitchen, as they are in mine.

As I heard from Barb, of Barpet's Patch fame, yesterday, her starter was bursting out of the jar to meet her the very next morning. And so it seems, Griffin is too. All that extra feeding, must have given extra potency!

I'm happy that a little bit of Griffin, has made it to so many enthusiastic bread makers in our region. Thank you to all those who drove extra long distances to make it to the workshop. It was lovely to meet you all. And thank you, Chel for encouraging me to find a name. :)


  1. Love the name Chris. Well done :-)

  2. I love the name. A strong male name always appeared to be more appropriate for such a feisty beast. Am yet to name mine though.

  3. I have killed two starters so far, Im too scared to name mine! haha! ;)

  4. Ha! Good name choice. I've never named mine, in fact never even thought about it. I do have a recipe for a "Herman Friendship Cake" that is made with "Herman" starter. I never made the connection, LOL

    1. I totally get not naming starter, but then one day, it might become appropriate to. Either way, works. :)


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