Thursday, March 30, 2017

Use it up

It's been one of my goals this year, to use up a lot of my crafting supplies. Doesn't it all start with good intentions - dutifully collecting materials in order to be frugal? Only it defeats the purpose, when they hardly get used.

Nothing gets done, until you set your mind to it! Making my daughter's quilt, was one way to dip into my supplies. I found, as I went, other projects I could put together as well.

Like this ironing board cover...

New cover

I love this bright yellow fabric, now I've brought it out of hiding. So much brighter than my old grey cover, which had more than done its duty. The best part is, I tailor made it. So it fits perfectly. Those generic covers never fitted this board well.

I reused the top and foam, in my old cover, as the pattern for the new fabric. But I wasn't going to discard perfectly good foam for my board, so incorporated it into the new liner. Unfortunately I didn't have any selvage left to sew the old liner to the new material, so sandwiched it between two pieces of material instead.

Flannel backing

Using this old flannel sheet, was just the fit. I had originally purchased it from a second-hand store, several years ago. It had some worn areas in the middle, but I don't like to see flannel go to waste. It's good stuff! I had never envisaged though, how it would become part of my new ironing board cover.

See that elastic...

Under board

I wasn't going to use elastic at first, as it tends to wear out, in a year or so. And you end up with it sagging anyway. I contemplated using a series of manual ties, instead.

However, when I fitted it on the board (sans elastic) it just didn't look neat enough. A few ties would tuck in some areas - but not all. I didn't want a higgledy-piggledy, looking board. Not when I had gone to so much trouble to tailor it.

Neat finish

I was so much happier, once the elastic was added. Because I used my elastic stitch on my sewing machine, for the very first time. My trusty, "Brother". It's been with me, as long as I've been with my husband. It was the first Christmas present he ever bought me, and it was under request!

I've never been an expert sewer, but I love the freedom a sewing machine gives me. I love knowing its tucked away in that cabinet in the background, just waiting for me to imagine new ways to create practical things. I also love that it has lasted, nearly 20 years. How's that for mileage?

Matching set

My old iron lasted even longer - only by a few more years. However, it met an untimely death - yes, untimely - when it went to army camp with my husband, last year. He dropped it from his locker, and knocked-off the steam control knob. I could no longer control the steam. It didn't really bother me, until I started making my daughter's quilt recently.

With that project, I had to be able to control the steam. So imagine my surprise when my husband brought home an Olliso Pro iron. It stays in the laying down position, on little legs that pop out, once your hand leaves the handle. 

I never intended to colour co-ordinate the cover with my new iron, it just turned out that way. A lovely surprise! So I'm mixing up a lot of old, with some new. I hope I get as much mileage out of this iron, as I did, my former.

Is there anything practical, you've been busy creating lately?


  1. Hi Chris, Your ironing board cover looks great. I have coveted an Olliso iron for quite some time and as luck would have it, there was a competition for one today, so I speedily entered. Hope you're coping with all this rain.

  2. Your ironing board cover looks great, I think the elastic works better than ties too. My sewing machine, a Janome, was a gift from my mother for my 18th birthday. It's well over 20years old and until last year, hadn't done much sewing at all. I had it serviced and it runs like a dream! I have been making simple clothes with fabrics I already have in my stash, using them up, and teaching myself to sew at the same time. Meg:)

    1. Janome is a good brand. Good on ya, mum! I'm glad they still make sewing machines to last. Making your own clothes, feels pretty good, doesn't it.

      We were gifted a singer sewing machine by a couple that were downsizing their house. I've put it aside for my daughter too. Or maybe my son. I don't mind, either way. :)

  3. Ironing is such a cruddy job, having your iron and ironing board bright and cheerful, makes it less of a task. I'm on a use it up crafting challenge too. So far I'm managing to stick to my plans.

    1. It's fun to find new ways to use up our supplies. Good luck with your challenge. :)

  4. Great cover, well thought out, love the fabric you used.

    1. Thank you, Marlene. :) The fabric was very bright, but seems to work.


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