Tuesday, August 21, 2018

TooCon 2018

There's been a sighting of a Wolverine, on our property

Okay, this is my husband, David. He's practicing Cosplay as Wolverine, for an up and coming event in Toowoomba. Have you heard of TooCon, Pop Culture Festival? It's Toowoomba's answer to Comic-Con. It's a FREE event, coming to our Local Library this Saturday 25 August (9.30am - 8pm).

Toowoomba Regional Council website says:

"TooCon is a family-friendly celebration of cosplay, comics, manga, movies and all things pop culture. The festival celebrates our region's local talent and local businesses, showcases unique geeky goodies and entertainment at the Eclectic Emporium Markets and gives the community a chance to meet well known celebrities and artists working in the comic industry, TV and the cosplay circuit." 

He said he was passing through for the Festival

David will also be doing a talk on the Doctor Who, Toowoomba Local Group, which he use to be the organiser of. He said the festival will be even better than last year, with professional Cosplayers giving tips on how to make awesome costumes.

Don't worry, David isn't as scary as he looks! It's all in the name of fun theatrics. Just pretending for a few hours, to be someone you wouldn't normally be. There are plenty of keen Cosplayers, coming this Saturday. So if you happen to be down town on Saturday, and see a bunch of "themed" costumes, just know it's all in the name of TooCon! Feel free, to join in.

PS: David will be wearing a shirt at the library, lol.


  1. Ha ha, Chris...what a scary hubby you have. He had better wear a shirt if the weather doesn't improve as it has been freezing here with the wind blowing. If we didn't have a SLT workshop on Saturday I would go down to the library and check out all the scary locals :-)

    1. Too right, Chel, he may even have to take a raincoat, if that predicted rain ends up coming through this weekend, lol. Enjoy the workshop. :)

  2. LOL!!! What great fun! And he is nailing that hair do!

    Hope you guys enjoy it all, looks like a pretty cool community event. :)


    1. It's taken a while to grow his hair out like that. He normally likes it short! The things we do Emma, lol. Should be a fun weekend for everyone.

  3. Hugh Jackman better look out ... he has some competition for the next film! Meg;)


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