Monday, March 4, 2019

Almost, catch-up time

I have a lot of catching up to do with you guys. So many times I wanted to sit down and write a blog post, but there was barely enough time to catch my breath, during the day. Nothing earth shattering is happening in our world, just regular stuff. Which is actually good stuff!

It's been a mixed bag of some expected things, and some not. The unexpected (read: expensive) things we didn't want to happen, were delightfully balanced out by encountering some unexpected savings too.

I promised myself, I would sit down a little this week, and tackle a post to catch up! Not one big post, but lots of little ones. I think I can manage that. But first...

White Baker's flour ~
organic, and Australian ingredients

This, just in today, after returning from a trip into town for supplies. If you're a baker of bread, and happen to live near, "The Source" - a bulk buy, bring your own packaging and mostly organic shop, then check out their special on Baker's flour.

It's normally $27 for a 5kg bag of flour, but for this week, it's only $20. Or $4 a kilo. I know I can get it cheaper at a Supermarket - somewhere between $11-$14, for the same amount. Which is the route (confession time) I normally take. But at such a reduced price, I wanted to try what organic, Baker's flour would be like to make bread with. I don't know if this is a local special only, as the general website seems to list the normal price.

I intend to take a serious look at how I shop for food, this year. In an attempt to reduce plastic packaging, and see if I can source more local produce. I actually had a couple of wins on that today. Which I'll share in another post.

Anyway, if you want to know where, The Source, Toowoomba store is located, it's on the corner of Ruthven and Campbell Street, opposite, "The Spotted Cow". If you want to know where's the nearest store is in your State, check out their Store Locations link.

Have you come across any great specials in your area, recently?


  1. Chris that seems like a good price for organic flour and well worth it for the health of you and your family. Conventionally grown wheat is a minefield of nasties and we no longer eat it. So I'm always on the lookout for organic on special. I certainly know the feeling of wanting to write but where to find the time at the same time as we are able to think coherently enough to put words together. Thanks for making the effort today.

    1. Thanks for reiterating the health benefits of organic, Sally. I've been contemplating whether I should buy this flour on a regular basis, just to avoid the chemical components of commercial brands. Even if I only purchased it half the time, it would still be better. I don't bake bread products as much as I used to, so it's certainly doable.

  2. I might pick some up too, Chris although I just bought a packet from the supermarket recently and haven't been baking due to the heat. I didn't realise you could buy it in town. I would put it in the freezer if I had room.

  3. The Source, has all sorts of products, I didn't know they carried either, Chel. Like bicarb soda, washing soda and you can buy it all in bulk too. I just had enough room to put this bag of flour in the freezer. I always do that to kill any pest larvae from hatching, anyway. But it can live there until I use up the remainder of my last bag. About half way there! ;)

  4. people seem to rave about that store, however we are not lucky enough to have one down here we dont even have a greengrocer. oh how i miss the fruit shop in Katoomba.
    unless we grow it or get from a farm gate or ocassional farmers market, fresh fruit and veg is a luxery. the stupid markets just dont know what fresh is but they sure do like to charge an arm and a leg for what they have on offer.

    1. When we lived in the Northern Territory as kids, my mum said the same thing about the quality of fresh fruit (not) but still having to pay a small fortune for it! Which is why every backyard seemed to have a paw-paw tree and banana circle. It was the only affordable fresh fruit, if you could beat the wildlife to it!


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